5 Signs Its Over (Even If You’re Not Fighting)

Sometimes relationships fall apart because the love between two people has run it’s course. Whenever a couple breaks up, both are left reeling in an attempt to figure out what caused the split. And as much as we want to run through every fight, scenario, and date trying to parce out how to assign blame, sometimes people just stop being together because they’ve outgrown each other.

It is important to be able to recognize the signs that a relationship is over far before things sour. What we often forget is that we once did love the person we’re with, and sometimes it is better to split before fights and other resentment poisons the great memories the two of you shared. Here are five signs that the relationship has run out of new and exciting things to keep that love alive. If you recognize one or all of these things

1. The Sex Has Slowed Down

Although not necessarily a killer of love, when the love begins to wane so does the desire to know each other in the bedroom. Sure, sex comes and goes in any healthy relationship, and it is more than natural to go through dry-spells…if you’re no longer desiring to see your partner naked or get close to them in the way only sex can bring two people, it may be time to bow out.

2. They Feel Like a Chore

Hanging out with them doesn’t feel exciting or comforting anymore, if anything it feels like something you need to make sure you accomplish on a Sunday before you can truly relax. If your significant other has begun to feel more like an obligation than someone who completes your life, it is time to leave them before you begin to resent them. Sure, chores are OK every once in a while…but eventually we grow to hate even the most enjoyable chores.

3. You Daydream About Other People

Again, this is not always a deal-breaker. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship it is normal to be curious as to what it would be like to be with another person. However, if you’re constantly thinking about some Instagram thot while you’re having sex with your significant other, or need to daydream constantly about what it is like to be with someone new, then it is a clear sign you’re deeply unhappy in your relationship.

4. You Worry About One-On-One Time

Perhaps one of the biggest signs that a relationship has come to a close, being nervous about having one-on-one time with each other is major. If you’ve begun to grow weary about taking road trips together, or find yourself inviting every person the two of you mutually know out every night just to fill the awkward void of silence, then it means you two no longer feel natural around each other. You are seeking out other people’s company in order to fill the gaps that have begun to form in your relationship.

5. You Only See a Future Alone

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, you begin to plan out your future as if they will be a part of it. However, when a relationship has run it’s course you’ll begin thinking about trips with friends, future plans, and other goals without your significant other in mind. It is a sign that you no longer want to build a future with them because the most exciting plans involve you being alone.

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