‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Matt Czuchry Knows The Truth Behind The Final Four Words

Gilmore Girls fans waited nine long years for the new episodes we got in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. In many ways, the revival was worth the wait. We got to see Lane’s grown-up kids, hear Emily say “bullshit” repeatedly, and we finally, finally got a satisfying ending to the whole Luke and Lorelai thing. We also got the chance to hear the much-anticipated “Last Four Words” of the series, but unfortunately those words left many of us with more questions than answers.

***If you haven’t gotten to the end of the revival yet, stop reading now and save yourself.***

At the end of the revival, the much-hyped final four words were finally revealed to be, “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.” And then the credits rolled, leaving us to sit in shock and ponder who the fuck Rory’s baby daddy could be. No one knows for sure, and no new episodes have been confirmed, but Matt Czuchry, the star who plays Logan Huntzberger, just revealed that he knows the answer to our burning question.

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Czuchry confirmed that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told him which character is the father of Rory’s baby.

“In terms of those last four words, it really is Amy and Dan’s last four words,” Czuchry revealed. “It is their story. I’m very protective over those four words. They did tell me who is the father of that baby.”

So, is Czuchry going to give us the goods? Well, it turns out he’s just as coy and withholding as Logan Huntzberger.

“If they ever want to reveal that, they can do that,” Czuchry said, crushing our dreams. “But I think at this particular point, I think the purpose is … to fast forward and say, what kind of mother would Rory be, what kind of grandmother would Lorelai be? In terms of whoever the father is, would they be in that person’s life? Would it be different from Christopher or would it mirror that completely? Those stories aren’t told yet.”

If you were paying close attention during your revival binge-watch, you probably already have theories about who the baby’s father could be.

Rory slept with a dude dressed as a Wookiee, but that was way back in Spring and she doesn’t reveal her pregnancy until Fall. The last potential romp we saw was between her and Logan after the Life and Death brigade reunion, but who’s to say she didn’t hook up with Jess off-screen? Or even meet some rando at a bar?

Unfortunately, fans might never know the answer.

Sherman-Palladino recently noted abortion isn’t out of the question for Rory, but also said she isn’t thinking about new episodes at this time. Czuchry echoed that sentiment in his interview with Huffington Post.

“I think the fun is for everybody to come up with those theories and play that out in their minds,” he said.

Dammit, Huntzberger.

I was formerly #TeamLogan, then the revival made me solidly #TeamJess, but now I just want the show to let this whole thing play out. #TeamWeNeedMoreEpisodes for the win.

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