New ‘Harry Potter’-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette Looks Even More Magical Than It Sounds

Anything inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter is sure to have a fan following, but ~magical~ new makeup from Storybook Cosmetics—a cruelty-free brand from three sisters named Erin, Missy, and Mandy Maynard—has fans flipping TF out. As you may have heard, the brand, which was also behind the Harry Potter-themed makeup brushes, announced that they’d be coming out with Potter palettes back in October. Now, just in time for the holidays, there are even more details.

Instead of four palettes as previously reported, there will be one, and it’s called the Witchcraft and Wizardry Palette.

You have been so patient while we perfected the shades and formulas,” the sisters wrote on Instagram this weekend. “We listened to your feedback and added 4 MORE SHADES!!! We appreciate all of the support!”

Here’s a shot of all the stunning hues in the palette, with their respective, super-creative names.

Here’s what the shadows look like on video.

And ICYMI, here are other OMG details the brand teased a few weeks back.

No official word Storybook on the exact date the palette will be available for preorder, so we’ll just have to keep stalking their Insta in the meantime. Here’s hoping it’s before Chanukkah and Christmas!?

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