This Photo Shoot Of 32 Naked Women Is A Big ‘F You’ To Facebook

Photographer Trina Cary‘s work is gorgeous and super-sensual. Earlier this year, she did a shoot of a mom who had three babies in just 12 months that was absolutely stunning and understandably went viral. Since then, she’s tried to post self-portraits that she says keep getting her banned from Facebook, and the most recent incident sent her over the edge.

Here’s the photo Facebook kicked her out for sharing.

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Within 10 minutes of sharing the image, it was reported ,and Cary was banned from Facebook for 7 days. “It’s unfair,” Cary tells Berry. “I see girls’ butts and blurred out boobs all over my newsfeed, and they don’t get reported. … Getting banned over this one particularly upset me, as I covered my breasts with my hands, and I darkened my lower half so much that even if you zoom in, you can’t see anything.”

Plus, it felt like even more of a slap in the face, because as Cary notes on her blog, “I loved this photo. I felt like me in it. I felt strong and beautiful.”

In response, Cary created a photo series called Censored Women, featuring 32 women naked with the exception of “censor tape.” Volunteers included “women who had been reported for posting pics of themselves fully clothed in labor, women who had posted photos of their kids playing that were reported, and they couldn’t fight it!” Cary shared. “These women were with me. They agreed. It’s stupid.”

Here are just a few of the gorgeous images that came out of Cary’s shoot.










Of the shoot, Cary writes on her blog: “Yesterday, we stood together tall and proud. I watched as they helped tape each other, they encouraged one another, and complimented each other’s beauty. Not one of them did not have a smile on their face. Not one of them left with hunched shoulders. Each and every woman was proud of baring it all. It felt good. It felt empowering, and I am so proud of all of them. Thank you for having my back. Thank you for being beautiful and strong and saying FUCK YOU to the haters with me.”

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