Mom Shares A Warning About Babywearing After A Scary Cooking Accident

Baby carriers are a godsend for busy moms. They’re light and comfortable to wear, they let you hold your baby 24/7 while still getting things done, and most importantly, they allow for ample snuggle time. Most of us wouldn’t think of a baby carrier as risky. In fact, since carriers keep babies so close to their moms, we tend to think of them as one of the safest places a baby could be. But, a Wisconsin mom recently endured a scary accident that proved even carriers can have hidden dangers.

New mom Molly Landis is warning parents of the risks of carrying babies around in the kitchen after an incident that could’ve injured her 4-week-old daughter.

Landis says she was cooking dinner one night, when her stove burner randomly exploded, badly burning her chest, neck, and face.

The mom was rushed to the hospital with open wounds and severe burns that required immediate treatment. Her 4-week-old wasn’t injured, but Landis says that was solely because of luck.

In her Facebook post, Landis revealed she usually does wear her baby while she’s cooking.

The night of the accident the baby had just happened to fall asleep in her swing — something she almost never does. “As a new mom I often wear my sweet 4 week old in my wrap carrier (we know we all love being hands free especially with a needy babe),” Landis wrote in her post. “On this particular night a guardian angel was watching over me and my baby because for the first time in her life she fell asleep in her swing.”

Landis revealed the worst of her injuries are to her chest, which is right where her baby’s head would’ve normally rested. Despite her horrific burns, the mom says she feels “lucky” that her baby was safe, and now she wants other parents to know they should never wear baby carriers while they’re cooking.

“Since this happened I have had so many moms say ‘omg, I do that all the time,'” Landis continued. “We never think it could happen to us, and I never thought it would happen to me.”

Since her Facebook post went up, it’s been shared over 21,000 times and thousands of people have left comments saying they’ve always worn their babies while cooking and never thought twice about it until now.

It just goes to show that even the safest choices we make can have scary and unforeseen consequences, and we give this mom major kudos for speaking up about her ordeal. When it comes to being a parent, you really can’t ever be too careful.

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