Olivia Wilde’s Latest Mom Hack Shows The Messy Reality Of Motherhood

Being a mom often means solving problems on the fly. If you’re away from home and you forget baby wipes or a pacifier, you improvise with pretty much anything you can find. Anyone who’s been a mom for a while inevitably becomes a master at thinking quickly and problem-solving, but Olivia Wilde just took impromptu mom hacks to a whole new level.

In a photo posted on Instagram, Wilde revealed she didn’t have a way to store her breast milk on a recent trip, so she crafted a DIY breastmilk storage system out of mason jars instead.

The actress is mom to two kids, 2-year-old Otis and 2-month-old Daisy. During a recent stay at an Airbnb rental, she admitted she pulled a total “rookie move” and didn’t bring enough breastmilk storage bags to last her entire trip. Once you pump your milk, you have to have a place to store it, otherwise it goes to waste. But, Wilde wasn’t about to let logistics get in the way of storing her liquid gold.

In a pinch, Wilde grabbed two mason jars and attached them to her breast pump, proving what Pinterest has been telling us all along: mason jars really can be used for anything.

“Ultimate cliché status reached,” the mom wrote in her post. “Pumping milk into mason jars. Ran out of storage bags. Rookie move…thanks to the Airbnb owner for the use of said mason jars.”

Wilde’s fans are used to her #RealTalk about motherhood. In the past, she’s used Instagram to talk about traveling with a toddler, being a working mom, and even shared this hilarious snap of herself with a messy bun that she captioned, “I call this hairstyle, ‘keep the kid alive.’ Products you’ll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed up crayon, snot, and an enthusiastic spritz of panic.”

On her latest mason jar breastfeeding photo, fans thanked Wilde not only for keeping it real, but also for promoting such an honest and positive view of breastfeeding and motherhood.

We’re used to seeing celebs in glossy photos with well-dressed children. We’re used to them pretending that everything is perfect and nothing about motherhood or keeping kids alive requires actual work. Olivia Wilde has done her share of glossy breastfeeding photoshoots, but off-camera she never shies away from showing the funny, the stressful, and even the most imperfect parts of being a mom.

She proves that raising kids is messy and complicated, no matter who you are, and each of us is just doing the best we can. That’s a reminder every mom could use.

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