Chrissy Teigen Just Explained What A ‘Daddy Stitch’ Is, And OMG, Ouch

Chrissy Teigen has never been shy about discussing all things pregnancy and motherhood. She was open about her struggles with infertility and tweets on the daily about things like breastfeeding and mommy-shaming. She seems to have zero filter, and that’s exactly what we love about her, so it should come as no surprise to any of us that Teigen took her latest interview as an opportunity to get totally TMI.

In a spread for Cosmopolitan Australia, Chrissy Teigen admitted she still has baby Luna’s umbilical cord and got real af about her post-baby sex life.

Teigen revealed she made the choice to keep 7-month-old Luna’s umbilical cord after giving birth in April. The model didn’t dish on how exactly she stores the cord that once connected her to her unborn child, but she did say it’s at home in one of her closets.

It’s not totally uncommon for moms to keep their baby’s umbilical cords—you can find dozens of ideas on Pinterest for creating umbilical cord art and even this mildly horrifying Christmas ornament.

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I’m sure Chrissy isn’t decking the halls with boughs of birth waste ornaments, but it’s still a little surprising to think about a dried umbilical cord chilling out in a bag next to her Dyson or her designer gowns.

Umbilical cords aside, the most surprising thing to come from Teigen’s interview was her admission that she got a “daddy stitch.”

For those of you not well-versed in post-birth vagina lore, the “daddy stitch” is supposedly an extra stitch the doctor makes when repairing vaginal tears after delivery. It’s said to help “tighten” things back up after you suffer an immense vaginal blowout, which all sounds terrifying, but Teigen swears it’s really not that bad.

“You don’t think about the ripping,” Teigen told Cosmo Australia. “When you’re holding your baby, you don’t realize they’re sewing you up. There’s even this thing called the ‘Daddy Stitch’—they do an extra one for daddy.”

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I have two kids, and I have never in my life heard of the “daddy stitch.” I thought she was joking at first, but a quick Google search confirms the extra stitch is, indeed, a real thing, although it’s pretty uncommon. Proceed with caution, though, because a woman on the What To Expect message boards claims she got the fabled stitch and experienced horrible pain during sex. Yikes.

If there’s one thing expectant moms actually should take from Teigen’s admission, it’s that tearing during birth is usually nothing to worry about.

When you’re expecting your first kid, it’s normal to feel scared that your vagina will never be the same and sex will be horrible post-delivery. Recovery isn’t a walk in the park, and some women do need to ease slowly back into sex, but the human body is an amazing thing. Your body will heal and “tighten” back up on its own, and you can even do Kegel exercises to restore your vagina to all it’s former glory.

“Daddy stitch” or not, we have to give Chrissy props for soothing new mom fears and never being afraid to talk about her hoo-ha with major international publications.

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