15 Gifts For The Proud ‘Nasty Women’ On Your List

Remember just about a month ago when all the nation’s finest “nasty women” still had glimmers of hope in their eyes that the highest glass ceiling was about to be smashed? Well, those days are over, but the movement that gave way to some of the world’s most badass, politically active feminists is still very much alive.

Here, 14 holiday gifts that make the most sense for the ride-or-die liberal betches on your list this year.

1. Feminist Activity Book by Gemma Correll

book 15 Gifts For The Proud Nasty Women On Your List

A whole tome of “games, coloring projects, and crafts of your egalitarian dreams!”

2. “Grow A Pair” muscle tee”


Honestly, lady parts are the beefiest anyway.

3. “Change the World” baby onesie


Changing the world for the good is everything—and you have the power to get your offspring in on that way early.

4. Nasty/Stronger Together tee

15 gifts for ride or die nasty gals 23 15 Gifts For The Proud Nasty Women On Your List

Good for dude in your life who may be totally ride or die—or may need a feminist reminder. Either way, proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

5. Sparkly “Pussy Power” pin


Because baubles can speak volumes.

6. “Vote for Love” tote


Carry your stuff, carry your emotions, right?

7. “About The Gender” playing cards

screen shot 2016 12 07 at 11 36 27 am 15 Gifts For The Proud Nasty Women On Your List

Poker nights can be feminist, too.

8. “Feminist” wine glass


Because even if misogyny exists, your friends should be able to drink their problems away with agreeable barware.

9. “Nasty Woman” coffee mug


Caffeine fuels the movement.

10. “A Woman’s Place Is In The Revolution” tee


Empowering and made in the USA!

11. Hip-hop-inspired lingerie


Featuring Biggie & Tupac lyrics, this sends one sexy message.

12. Feminist pencil set


Rewriting history requires the proper tools.

13. “Nasty Woman” computer decal


Because all the vicious emails your loved ones are sending should be composed from a properly appointed device. Also, it’s cheap AF.

14. “Nasty” Necklace

nasty 15 Gifts For The Proud Nasty Women On Your List

Give the gift of nastiness that sits on top of their heart.

15. Michelle Obama tote bag


The other side reads, “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.”

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