8 Healthy Hair Tips That Could Save You From Even Your Worst Hair Days

Hate her or love her, you can’t deny that Kylie Jenner has some really amazing hair. Naturally brunette by birth (is that the first time someone used the concept of “natural” in a sentence when talking about a Jenner?), she’s had her hair color-treated a number of times. And yet, it always looks super healthy and full of life and body.

So it’s kind of no surprise that when Kylie recently fawned over Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins, people flipped out. But this article isn’t about that. It’s about all the other ways you can get your hair to ridiculously healthy and beautiful.

1. Watch your diet.

You are what you eat. One of the easiest ways to boost your hair health is through changing your diet. Maintaining a diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals can have a lasting effect on your hair and skin health. Rima Kleiner, MS, RD says to pack your diet with lean proteins like salmon, which is packed with protein, biotin, and omega-3s. “These healthy proteins will help make your hair strong and shiny, while the biotin and omega-3s will benefit your hair’s growth and hydration.” Cool, but bummer that “all of the wine” isn’t in her recommendation.

2. Pinpoint products that are best for your specific hair type.

No two heads of hair are exactly alike, so what works for a curly-haired girl, doesn’t work the same way for her best friend with the fine, wispy hair. (But everything works for Becky with the good hair.) For the oily-haired girl with damaged ends,  Chantelle Hartshorne, a Thumbtack Event Hair & Makeup Pro and Creative Director for StyleBee in San Francisco, recommends washing only at the roots and leaving the ends as untouched as possible. When conditioning, start from the ends upward so that no added oils or weight hits your scalp.

3. Get your scalp checked.

If you’re dealing with hair thinning, hair loss, itching, or dandruff, you might want to get your scalp checked. Emmanuel Paul, a trichology specialist (they study the hair and scalp) at Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, says that people come into the center as a last resort. “We do an analysis of pH, oil, and dehydration on the scalp, in addition to your heredity, diet, stress, and hair products used.” Once cause of issues are determined, the center sets you up with a treatment plan. Paul says that the scalp needs to be treated just like the face: exfoliate, cleanse, treat. The center’s treatment protocol varies by individual needs and once you’re taught out to use the product, you repeat the process twice a week at home for two months. So, if you have a fear of commitment, this isn’t for you.

4. Get your hair cut on the reg.

The key to healthy and strong hair is healthy trims. Split ends and damaged cuticles will cause your hair to appear thinner with that unwanted stringy look. Fernando Salas, hairstylist and creator of White Sands Hair Care, suggests visiting your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim. Even if you just cut off less than an inch, it will do wonders for growing your hair.

5. Try an Indian head massage.

Based on an Ayurvedic form of healing from over 4,500 years, this massage is said to increase energy and oxygen flow to the scalp and your hair follicles, spurring hair growth. Worth a shot!

6. Use natural oils.

Coconut oil is not just for cooking—or about 100 other things it’s good for. You can also put it right on your hair for a treatment. Other natural oils to look into: Sourced from Indian gooseberry, amla oil contains essential fatty acids that help strengthen and condition the hair follicles. Mustard oil is an affluent source of beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A and directly helps with hair growth. Tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, can fight off dandruff and scalp infections. You can check out Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner by Keratin Complex. It’s packed with vanilla bean bio-nutrients and other fruit oils that are nourishing AF.


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7. Defend hair from heating products.

Before going near your hair with a blowdryer, curling iron or straightener, make sure you’ve applied a protector product. Frederic Fekkai’s Blowout Primer defends strands from damage by priming them while still damp.

fekkai blowoutprimer 900x900 8 Healthy Hair Tips That Could Save You From Even Your Worst Hair Days

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8. Safeguard your hair at night.

multi colored slaps 8 Healthy Hair Tips That Could Save You From Even Your Worst Hair DaysConsider trying the SLAP, a satin-lined cap that is supposed to keep your hair moisturized, protected, and tangle-free while you sleep. Its soft and non-abrasive satin lining is said to help retain the moisture of your hair, which wouldn’t be a bad thing—especially in the winter when dry air tends to be your hair (and skin’s) worst enemy!

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