You’re Gonna Hate Dr. Pimple Popper’s Latest Video If You Have A Thing About Eyeball Proximity

This poor guy. Dr. Pimple Popper’s latest work for us fiends of internet grossness is on a gentleman with an epidermoid cyst in the corner of his eye. The growth has been with him for so long his friends actually have a name for it: Third Eye Blind.

While all of Dr. Lee’s procedures are done with love and care, the thing that sticks most with this one is that she could have just popped this sucker, stitched him up, and been on to the next one. But DPP saw that it this growth had been quite a blight for her patient, and made sure that she also concealed the excess skin that had been stretched over time to house the cyst.

The whole procedure is intense, but around the 2 minute mark is the juicy stuff for you popaholics.

Be sure to stick around for the before and after comparison. This particular cyst removal truly changed this patient’s face, and I’m sure gave him an incredible boost of confidence.

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