Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Hurl Insults At Each Other, Things Get Pretty F*cking Savage

During the recent promotional tour for their upcoming movie, Passengers, both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been winning over hearts with their charming antics and ridiculous selfies. However, the duo’s easygoing friendship isn’t always smooth sailing — particularly when they’re asked to hurl insults at one another.

For a recent BBC Radio segment, Lawrence and Pratt participated in an installment of “Playground Insults,” which requires participants to spout insults at one another in an effort to make their opponent break down laughing. Whoever delivers the ultimate insult is considered to be the winner.

Not surprisingly, both Passengers stars became pretty competitive, and were definitely willing to hit below the belt.

Some of the most priceless/outlandish insults include, but are not limited to:

  • “Why did they call it ‘Joy‘?”
  • “‘I really loved you in Everwood,‘ said no one ever.”
  • “You are so stupid, that your three-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know.”
  • “How does it feel, being in the stupidest Marvel movie?”
  • “You are so bad at acting that the cast of Saved By The Bell feel sorry for you.”
  • “I recently told you that you act like Adele sings. I hate Adele.”
  • “Where do you keep your Oscar?”
  • “You have so much fake hair, that if you commit a crime, the CSI lab would probably convict some Ukrainian girl.”

However, the true scorched-earth insult came when Jennifer Lawrence brought up the pair’s sex scene in Passengers — to which Pratt responded, “During our sex scene, I felt your dick rubbing into me.”

Not surprisingly, the round was pretty much over after that comment, considering everyone involved was basically in tears. To her credit, Lawrence shook Pratt’s hand in congratulations for his sweeping victor.

Sorry, J. Law. You’re great at acting, but Pratt is clearly the champion when it comes to childish insults.

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