We Tried To Guess Cheap Wine From Expensive Wine And It Was Pretty Embarrassing

It’s no secret that we consider ourselves wine-enthusiasts. To have a special relationship with this divine beverage, more so than any other menial drink is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We like to think we know anything and everything there is to know about vino, but we recently discovered that “wine connoisseur” is not a job title many of us will be holding any time soon. The good news is that it turns out we’re also pretty cheap dates.

We attempted to guess what cheap wine tastes like versus expensive wine and it was, well kind of embarrassing.

To be fair, they all look pretty similar.

Wine cousins, according to Jen.

Some were more Berry-tastic than others.

Or at least Megan thought so.

And some were not our favorite.

Oh, the college memories we wish we could erase.

At the end of the day we might not be the best wine experts, but we’re just excited to be drinking it.

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