Now There’s A ‘Harry Potter’-Inspired Liquid Eyeliner You Must Have, Clearly

If Storybook Cosmetics’ Harry Potter-inspired eyeshadow palette wasn’t enough to make your holiday season, then maybe this will. Now, the line has announced they’re releasing a Quill & Ink liner, and it looks like a legit quill and glass inkpot that you’d find all over Hogwarts. Yeah, so, it’s basically the stuff of any true Potter fan‘s dreams.

Here’s a drawing of the prototype that Storybook Cosmetics shared to their Insta.

Concept photo. (This is how we start our design process!) Quill & Ink liner duo coming 2017! 🖋

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Fans are already freaking out, understandably.

Although the product is likely still being designed and won’t be available for purchase until the new year, just seeing the concept photo and being able to covet the liner is making Potter-loving beauty junkies rejoice. As one Instagram user @darc_wolf put it, “Shut up and take my money!”


This isn’t the first time Storybook has basically taken cues from J.R. Rowling’s imagination for their super-cool cosmetics.

As I mentioned, there’s the “Wizardry & Witchcraft” palette, which the brand has announced will be released in 2017.

How crafters do swatches 😎❤️ "Wizardry & Witchcraft" coming 2017!

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Here is a pic of the eyeshadow ~in action~ on the only makeup artist who has gotten her paws on the shadows so far, and OMG. Must. Have. Now.

They’re also the line that released those wand brushes! Which sold out immediately. And are now going for hundreds on eBay.

Good news: There will be more in 2017!

COMING 2017! 😱💙 NEW Wizard Wand Brushes! 💙

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Accio new year! The sooner ’17 gets here, the sooner we can get our paws on all of these!

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