You’re Gonna Wanna Take A Shot Before Watching These Ladies Tackle A Gnarly Cyst

Nothing like a ladies trip, amiright? Lounging by the pool, sipping on cocktails, and just chatting it up with your squad. Unless, of course, you get to add every girl gang’s favorite pastime of taking shots and popping each other’s most disgusting skin conditions.

Enter the world’s most entertaining amateur Dr. Pimple Poppers, who refuse to let their friend suffer an enormous cyst any longer. Talk about BFFs, this is one supportive group of women. They even put a damn straw in a bottle of Fireball so the “patient” can work up a little liquid courage before “surgery.” And boy, does she need it. The cyst on her side is ANGRY. And smelly. Honestly, if you can’t handle what’s about to come of out this poor woman, at least stick around for the fantastic commentary because these women are #friendshipgoals.

In the words of this masterpiece’s courageous documentarian…OH. MY. GOD.

If you can stomach it, the ladies posted a follow up video of further cyst drainage. Because just like your last poolside vacation, this sucker was still raging into the late afternoon.


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