The Bruno Mars Edition Of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Is Actually Pretty F*cking Delightful

Another day, another edition of James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” that I was convinced would be overrated and boring. As per usual, I was thankfully mistaken.

This particular installment of the series features none other than Bruno Mars, who proves that he has enviable moves even when he’s wearing a seatbelt. Corden and Mars drive around Los Angeles while singing along to tracks from the singer’s new album “24K Magic” (as well as a few old favorites, because you couldn’t leave “Uptown Funk” off the playlist if you tried).

In between songs, the pair discuss Mars’ first inclinations to perform, his Elvis Presley impression, and his unrivaled ability to make almost any hat look cool (a theory which Corden proves with the help of a ridiculous top hat). Mars also teaches Corden how to channel a sexier stage presence — a lesson which fails rather hilariously. (Also, nothing will make you as uncomfortable as watching James Corden sing the line “Versace on the floor/take it off for me.”)

Naturally, Corden had to end the karaoke session dressed in the same outfit as Mars, because obviously you can’t hang out with someone that cool for an extended period of time without attempting to channel some of their style.

And while I consistently wonder how Corden is able to do this segment without crashing his car, it’s probably best that I just stop trying to think about the particulars and just enjoy the fact that Bruno Mars has an incredible voice even when he isn’t performing for a stadium full of fans.

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