Watch These Tailgaters Freak Out When They Get To Ditch Those Disgusting Porta Potties For A Fancy Spa

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of football, tailgates are typically a great time for everyone. From ridiculous booze-filled shenanigans to hours of gaming and sports conquests, there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy. However, there is one devastating side effect to every tailgate … we call it the seventh circle of hell (AKA Porta-Potties.) Every girl knows the struggle. After hours of drinking outside in the heat, having to use the restroom is inevitable and we are left with only one option.

Fortunately, this year at the Captain Morgan Tailgate something glorious came into existence, the Fancy Potty. This dream-like place is complete with an open bar, snacks, a massage table, and best of all a luxurious air-conditioned restroom that makes “breaking the seal” not so terrible after all. Obviously, we couldn’t keep this treasure all to ourselves so we blessed a few unsuspecting ladies with the pampering of a life time. Let’s just say, they’ll never see tailgates the same way.

Thanks to Captain Morgan, Berry was able to treat tailgaters to the fanciest restroom experience in the world.

Pretty ridiculous right? I mean, at what tailgate would this actually exist? Oh, yeah a Captain Morgan one.

There was even a bathroom attendant on site.

And several massages were given.

Of course, there was plenty of Captain Morgan to go around also.

All in all it was a pretty great time.

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