12 Times Celeb Moms Kept It Real And Proved They’re Just Like Us

If you’re looking for slices of real life, celebrity Instagrams usually aren’t the place to go. Most famous people post snapshots of their lives that are stylish, edited to perfection, and make it look like they live inside a fashion magazine, and they extend that false perfection to their photos with their kids.

It’s rare for celebrity moms to show the messy and imperfect parts of raising kids, but there are a few out there, like Chrissy Teigen or Blake Lively, who prefer to keep it real. They talk about breastfeeding, messy hair, exhaustion, and all the things that go on behind the scenes once you have little kids running around. Their honest posts make us laugh and nod along in recognition, and, whether these celebs mean to or not, they remind that raising kids is a universally challenging and beautiful experience, even when you walk red carpets for a living.

Here, 12 of the funniest and most relatable celebrity moms who aren’t afraid to get honest about life as a parent.

1. Savannah Guthrie shared her post-birth photos sans makeup.

It’s rare for celebs to share no-makeup photos. It’s even more rare right after they give birth. There’s nothing wrong with getting dolled up post-delivery so you get a good pic, but I’m loving Today host Savannah Guthrie’s gorgeous bare face and how much this super-relatable delivery room photo reminds me of my own.

2. Olivia Wilde shared the perfect how-to for mom hair.

Most days, the messy mom bun looks just like this. It’s not a Pinterest-perfect top knot or a glamorous poof. It’s just snot, sweat, tears, random baby food, and enough dry shampoo to form a hard shell around your skull.

3. Pregnant Pink took a break to microwave her decaf.

Microwaving coffee is an essential skill when you’re a mom. You rarely get to drink it hot, and like pink says, sometimes waiting by the microwave gives you an excuse to rest for a sec. Pink is currently expecting baby #2 and has a 5-year-old at home, so it’s safe to say she’s exhausted. I bet she wishes that was a whole pot of regular instead of a single cup of decaf.

4. Kelly Clarkson’s baby used her Chanel handbag as a chew toy.

Expensive taste. Literally. #BackUpOffMyChanel

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This is why moms can’t have nice things.

5. Hilary Duff was all of us, every morning.

Beat. It's a rough one y'all

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Duff is a single mom to an energetic 4-year-old. That means she’s usually up at the crack of dawn, no matter how long he kept her up the night before, and there simply isn’t enough coffee or concealer in the world to combat the exhaustion. Any mom with babies or toddlers knows the struggle is real.

6. Kristin Cavallari took pumping breaks on her book tour.

The glamorous side of the #BalancinginHeels #BookTour 😂

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Kristen looks super-glamorous in her little black dress and ankle boots, but this picture proves even a globe-trotting working mama still has to find time to pump.

7. Kristen Bell’s kids made fun of her mom jeans.

Personally, I kind of love Kristen’s low-maintenance style, but apparently her 2-year-old wants to know why the A-lister isn’t rocking a “beautiful outfit” 24/7. Oh kiddo, someday you’ll grow up and understand exactly why cozy jeans and sneakers are far superior to an uncomfortable dress and heels.

8. Chrissy Teigen grabbed her boobs on a Disneyland ride.


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Chrissy Teigen is a breastfeeding mom, which means her boobs are swollen and sore, and she leaks milk pretty much anytime she gets excited. That means even a theme park ride can turn into lactation station, and that’s what makes this epic Disneyland photo so hilarious and real for other nursing moms.

9. Anne Hathaway got real about post-baby bodies

Over the summer, Anne Hathaway cut some jeans off to make shorts because her pre-baby shorts don’t fit anymore. She posted about it on Instagram and told her fans they should never feel shame about gaining pregnancy weight or not “bouncing back” to the way they used to look. Her inspiring post resonated with moms from all walks of life and ended up going viral.

10. Drew Barrymore did yoga with Queen Elsa.

Princess Elsa came to our mother daughter yoga class. #magicdays #iloveolive

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Sometimes kids are going to wear their Elsa costume out of the house, whether you like it or not, and you just have to roll with it. Drew Barrymore’s daughter wore hers to their mommy and me yoga class, leaving us to wonder, “How do you Warrior pose in that thing?”

11. Busy Phillips held her sleeping kid all through dinner.

Busy Phillips posts a lot about motherhood, like this snap where her 3-year-old refused a nap, fell asleep at a Mexican restaurant, and then Phillips had to try to eat without dripping salsa in her daughter’s hair. That’s how it goes for moms — either we get cold food or we’ve got to eat with a kid in our laps. Even eating like a normal person is a luxury.

12. Lindsay Price was every mom with more than one kid.

Call for backup! Repeat calling all cars! #sundaymorning

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Actress Lindsay Price wrestled her baby and toddler, because sometimes the only thing keeping siblings from destroying each other is, well, you.

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