Trump Grill Royally F*cked Up A Vodka Martini And People Are Ready To Riot

The staff at the Trump Grill might need a few bartending lessons. Donald Trump has been wrung out multiple times over his questionable food choices and his restaurant in New York has frequently been labeled subpar, but the newest scandal at the Trump Grill feels like a personal attack. As someone in a very committed relationship with my local alcohol consumption factory, this horrific incident has marred my trust in the entire speakeasy community at large.

Olivia Nuzzi, a political reporter at The Daily Beast, ventured into Trump tower today and stumbled upon a monstrosity…

She sat down at the bar.

Looked to her right and…

This is what most people think of when you say martini.

Twitter was not happy.

Some tried to make excuses.

While others just weren’t that surprised.

This guy felt like the “martini” was a fitting metaphor.

And others had some hilarious responses.

Welcome to Trump’s America, y’all. #AllDrinksMatter

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