12 Viral Parenting Moments Of 2016 That Were So Damn Real

We’re heading into the final weeks of the year, and that means it’s time to start reflecting on everything that went down in 2016. For those of us with kids, or even just those of us who like reading about funny kid stuff, that means taking a look back at some of the wildest, grossest, and most-cringeworthy parenting stories of the year.

Parents went viral dozens of times in 2016 for sharing their relatable stories, photos, and all of the ridiculous shit kids do. As a mom, I love seeing the things other parents share online, because it makes me laugh and it reminds me that I’m not the only one whose kids are making messes, being totally gross, and acting like complete psychos.

Here, 12 viral posts by parents that pretty much everyone with kids could relate to in 2016.

1. When this dad flipped out about his toddler barfing in the car.

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Ben Patterson was ready for a quiet night at home with his son Declan. Unfortunately, Declan had other plans. The toddler threw up all over himself on their drive home, which led to Ben sympathy-barfing on the side of the road as he tried to clean up the mess. A confused onlooker called the cops because they thought Ben was a drunk driver. Luckily, the cops let Ben go after he agreed to take a breathalyzer, but the epic texts he sent to his wife during the ordeal ended up going viral because, honestly, this could have happened to any parent.

2. This woman posted a post-birth diaper pic every mom can relate to.

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New mom Amanda Bacon shared a post-delivery pic for the ages. If you’ve ever wondered what recovering from giving birth looks like, this is your truth shot. It looks like nudity and exhaustion, a messy bun, and a gigantic maxi pad inside of mesh underwear to catch all of the post-birth bleeding (which lasts for up to 6 weeks, btw). Anyone who’s had a baby can relate to this snap, and we’re all grateful for her willingness to “take one for the team” in the name of educating people about birth and keeping it real.

3. This dad hilariously failed at dressing his baby.

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Over the summer, an adorably clueless dad sent his baby to daycare in overalls with no shirt on. The text exchange that ensued between him and his wife was one of the funniest of the year. Honestly, who can even figure out baby clothes? So many snaps and buttons and rules. This dad was probably stumbling around in an exhausted haze getting his baby dressed before work. We feel you, dad, and we salute your questionable fashion choices.

4. This mom made us feel better about not having time to shave.

Blogger Mel Watts shared a totally honest take on marriage and relationships post-kids, including the revelation that she barely has time “for a spray tan or a shaved beaver.” Solidarity, girl. The mom of 3 also lamented her lack of date nights, exhaustion, and gray pubes. Her rant went mega-viral because pretty much on every parent on the planet can relate to what she said. We’re all in the trenches with hairy hoo-has and bags under our eyes, but at least we’re down there together, I guess.

5. A mom accidentally packed a Four Loko in her daughter’s school lunch.

Four Loko looks like an energy drink, but it’s actually 12% alcohol/volume, which is why the internet couldn’t stop LOLing when this mom accidentally stuck one in her kid’s lunch. The teen tweeted about her mom’s hilarious mistake, revealing that her mom hadn’t had coffee yet and thought the can was tea. Luckily, no teachers at school caught on, so the mom and daughter duo made it out of their hysterical viral mishap unscathed.

6. This mom shared a hilarious list of things you need to know about childbirth.

Bekki Pope posted her own hilarious version of What To Expect When You’re Expecting that was shared more than 88,000 times. The list included everything moms wish they’d been told prior to giving birth, including how awful the first post-birth pooping experience is and the fact that your newborn will probably look kinda ugly (sorry!). The list was a hit with every mom who’s been there and every woman who wants the low-down on what it’s really like to give birth.

7. This dad tried to take a sweet pic and looked like a butthole instead.

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Ahh, family photos. They never quite turn out how you expect. That was beyond true for this poor dad who bent over to kiss his daughter for a photo and ended up looking like a literal asshole. In a weird optical illusion, the dad’s bald head and shoulder look like two sides of a butt, and his ear sticks out in the middle to form what basically appears to be a butthole. The photo went viral because if there’s one thing we parents are good at, it’s failing in our attempts to capture sweet family memories.

8. A mom caught this 3-year-old trying to eat eye shadow.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.11.17 AM.png

This 3-year-old thought her aunt’s Too Faced eyeshadow palette looked exactly like a box of delicious, multi-colored chocolates. Unfortunately for her, it was not chocolate and tasted absolutely awful. The 3-year-old’s mom caught the little girl going to town on the palette and the little girl’s aunt snapped this pic. We’ve all had our kids try to eat something they shouldn’t, but the palpable disappointment on this little kid’s face is just too much.

9. This dad’s kids finger-painted the entire house.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.14.08 AM.png

Every parent knows when the kids get quiet, it’s time to panic. That’s why we can totally feel this dad whose two kids gave his house a makeover from hell in just 7 minutes. Paul Schettini was in the kitchen while his daughters played in their room. He went to check on them and found their entire bedroom and hallway covered in paint. Luckily for this dad, the neighbors understood what nightmares kids can be, and they all banded together to help him clean up.

10. This couple made a hilariously honest pregnancy announcement.

This hilarious couple held nothing back in a pregnancy announcement themed after a movie trailer. In the announcement, the couple highlights the funny ups and downs that come with having a baby, like unsolicited advice, not being able to drink alcohol, morning sickness, rude comments from strangers, and the horrifying labor stories people share. The couple dealt with infertility for many years and wanted to do something memorable to announce their pregnancy. Their “trailer” really hit home with other moms and dads.

11. Parents posted their babies’ bloated pool diapers.

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Parents started a hilarious hashtag over the summer where they shared the phenomenon known as Pool Diaper Butt. That’s when your kid wears a diaper while playing in the water and gets a hilarious bubble butt. It’s an unavoidable parenting fail that happens every summer, but at least this year we had a hilarious hashtag where we could commiserate and make fun of our kids.

12. This “cool mom” accidentally bought her kid an orgy shirt.

A UK mom picked up a sweet Vivienne Westwood shirt for her daughter—and then her daughter realized the shirt was covered in drawings of people banging. The shirt featured both men and women in various sex positions, some dicks, and even a random dog or two, because why not? The teen posted a picture of the shirt on Twitter, where it quickly went viral, because we’ve all either had our parents make a hilarious mistake like this or been the parent who makes a hilarious mistake like this.

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