12 Holiday Gifts For Him That Are Actually Gifts For You Too

I hate to break it to you, but it’s getting down to the holiday shopping wire. If you’re struggling with what to get the guy in your life you’re definitely not alone. As much as I love a good challenge, it can be kinda difficult to one-up yourself year after year. I mean, how many pairs of socks does one guy actually need? (For the record he asked me not to put socks under the tree this year.)

More often than not, gift-giving ends up falling short of “I know you’ve been wanting this for a long time,” and landing somewhere around “I think you would get a lot of use out of this.” But let me tell you that there is zero shame in getting him something that he needs, and that you’ll be thankful he has later. Anything that improves his day-to-day life is ultimately going to make aspects of your relationship better, so why not use that information to your full advantage.

We already know he’ll be thanking and praising you for your incredible forethought.

1. Tile Mate Key/Anything Finder


If he tends to leave for work screaming about not being able to find his keys, this is the perfect gift to make sure he gets on the road on time and as stress-free as possible. Plus, he’ll never have an excuse for being late for a date with you.

Get it HERE, $24.98

2. Harry’s Razors Gift Set


Up his shaving game with something more refined. Because you should walk away from a makeout sesh with flushed cheeks not irritated skin.

Get it HERE, $59.99

3. MyPakage Boxer Briefs


Trust me: these undies will make his junk (and his rear) look simply irresistible! MyPakage men’s boxer briefs feature their patented KeyHole Comfort Technology, supporting his twig and berries throughout the day, while moisture-wick material keeps it breathable down under. 

Get it HERE, prices vary

4. 11-In-One Wallet Size Multitool


Never again will he find himself without a way to chivalrously open your beer, twist a loose screw, or cut through the tape of a package for you.

Get it HERE, $16.99

5. French Press Coffee & Tea Maker


There’s nothing sexier than a guy who knows how you take your coffee, except when he can make it for you.

Get it HERE, on sale $17.99

6. Rust-Proof Ceramic Knife Set


If your list of hobbies you enjoy as a couple includes cooking together, spare yourself the trouble of needing to sharpen your tools each time you use them. These ceramic knives were engineered to stay sharper longer, giving you time to do other things together. *Hint hint*

Get it HERE, on sale $22.39

7. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray


I know, at first glimpse you’re probably going “TMI!” But think about it: when you’re at his place and one of you has gotta go #2, you’d probably prefer it was covered up in the most discreet way possible.

Get it HERE, $9.19

8. Cocktail Bar Tool Kit


Why leave the house just to sit in a loud, expensive bar when you can give him everything he needs to make himself a drink. Plus it gives you a chance to role play: You can take turns being the hot bartender (preferably shirtless) while creating delectable concoctions. Netflix and chill just got an update.

Get it HERE, $29.99

9. Waterproof Shower Speaker


Feeling like getting dirty while getting clean? Just turn on some slow jams and hop in there with him! You’ll be sending him off to work with a smile on his face.

Get it HERE

10. Burt’s Bees 5 Piece Men’s Skin Care Set


Keep his skin smelling good and kissably soft all year long. If your guy is already set on his razor of choice, you can feel good about giving him natural products that are good for his epidermis. You won’t wanna keep your hands off him.

Get it HERE, $25

11. Stovetop Popcorn Maker


Don’t let this gadget scare you away, it’s actually incredibly easy to make popcorn on the stove (speaking from experience). Plus, your waistline will thank you; You get a tasty (not cardboard) movie snack you can share, without the unhealthy fake butter and preservatives you find in microwave popcorn.

Get it HERE, $44.99

12. Erotic Massage Kit


This handy (or handsy, if you will) kit has everything you need to give (and receive) one hell of a sensual massage. Pop on “Santa Baby” and lay him down with the sweet smells and tastes of strawberries.

Get it HERE, $13.88

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