These Are The 21 Most Iconic Selfies Of 2016 Because This Is The World We Live In

We are so painstakingly near the end of 2016, it’s almost as if someone is dangling 2017 out in front of us like an older sibling teasing his little sister with her favorite toy. Just a couple weeks people, we can do it. With the little time we have left, why not take a moment to reminisce about the highlights this past year offered us? Even if they are few and far between.

Amongst the many viral trends that have dominated social media in the past year or so, the evolution of selfies has been one that will never fail to shock me. Yes, I snap the occasional selfie for my own Instagram, but this year the trend really took a leap forward. Not only has the selfie gone international, but even political figures participating. These are just a few of 2016’s most iconic selfie moments.

1. Leo finally getting his well-deserved Oscar


2. This viral mind-warping selfie


3. Kim’s nude selfie that made the internet lose its damn mind

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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4. The trans woman’s bathroom selfie that challenged North Carolina’s “bathroom law”

Here I am using a women's restroom in North Carolina that I'm technically barred from being in. They say I'm a pervert. They say I'm a man dressed as a woman. They say I'm a threat to their children. They say I'm confused. They say I'm dangerous. And they say accepting me as the person I have fought my life to be seen as reflects the downfall of a once great nation. I'm just a person. We are all just people. Trying to pee in peace. Trying to live our lives as fully and authentically as possible. Barring me from this restroom doesn't help anyone. And allowing me to continue to use this bathroom – just without fear of discrimination and harassment – doesn't hurt anyone. Stop this. We are good people. #repealhb2

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5. Any and all photos posted by Manny The Selfie Cat


6. A Bella Hadid selfie that inspired the “fingermouthing” trend

7. This shot of an entire crowd getting a selfie with Hillary Clinton


8. British astronaut Tim Peake’s selfie from space

9. Katy Perry’s rainbow-infused Burning Man desert selfie


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10. Paul Ryan’s photo with GOP Capitol Hill interns which was quickly shamed for its lack of diversity

I think this sets a record for the most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie. #SpeakerSelfie.

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11. And the responding Democratic intern selfie

12. Justin Timberlake’s ballot selfie which almost landed him in some seriously hot water

13. These North Korean and a South Korean gymnasts posing together at the Rio Olympics


14. Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose duck-faced AF

Tea anyone?

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15. This group of girls definitively proving that selfies are universal


16. A boy with a dream of high fiving himself for a photo

17. Usher just casually taking a glorious shower that we wish we could join

18. J.Lo in all of her seductive glory

#loveyourselffirst #feelingempowered👑 #healthybodyhealthymind

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19. Kendall Jenner’s pizza nipple selfie


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20. Every ass-tastic photo posted by Ariel Winter

Will always look back 😉 at this #4thofjuly 🇺🇸 #fireworks #family #friends #beach

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21. An actual photo of the year 2016


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