13 Products That Will Save Room In Your Messy Purse

If you are a woman, there is an almost 100% likelihood that you carry your life around in your purse, like some sort of modern nomad. Phone, wallet, keys, makeup, sunglasses, maybe a book — these items can easily add up to create a vortex of purse trash if you aren’t careful.

Messy purses are more than an inconvenience. If your purse is so disorganized that it’s almost impossible for you to locate your keys at any given moment, then you probably waste more time than you even realize rummaging through your bag on a daily basis.

Here are some products that will make your purse-life just a little bit easier, and save you the headache of foraging through the depths of your bag. After all, so many things in life are uncontrollable messes — but your purse shouldn’t be one of them.

1. Nab a few of these lipstick cases to keep your favorite lip products from popping open and getting all over your stuff.


2. If you have business cards (fancy you!), keep them from sliding all over the place with this cute, magnetic card-holder.


3. Prevent unwanted and obnoxious cord-tangling with this tiny earphone organizer.


4. Get a large keychain for your key ring, so that it’ll be easier to fish out of your bag.


5. Try a motion-activated purse light, so you’ll never have to reach into the unknown, dark depths of your bag ever again.


6. Use a decorative pouch to hide your birth control pills from prying eyes.


7. Try this cute goldfish to keep your phone charger from going haywire in your bag.


8. Get a pouch to store your tampons and prevent them from wreaking havoc on the innards of your purse.


9. If you tend to carry your makeup with you, get a clear makeup bag, so it’s easier to identify which cosmetics you’re carrying.


10. Get a small coin purse to keep your random change in check.


11. Get a phone case that doubles as a wallet — that way, you have more room in your bag.


12. Get a skinny case for any pens or pencils you might be carrying


13. If worse comes to worst, get an entire purse organizer insert that you can slip into any of your bags.


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