“Squishy Gutting” Is Almost As Satisfying As Pimple Popping

I know you’re used to getting Dr. Pimple Popper videos from me, and those aren’t going away any time soon if the gross side of the internet and I have anything to say about it. But this week we just had to share with you something else that exists out there in the world of bizarre fetish videos. And it’s so adorably wholesome you may just wanna show your kids (right after you hide the scissors).

BubblePOP Kids is a massive YouTube page, garnering over a million subscribers with one simple idea: Let’s cut crap open and see what’s inside!

I have questions:

  • Are “orbies” a techinical term, or one given by the videographer?
  • Why are they just sliding out like that?
  • Why does it look so wet?
  • Are the orbies hard or are they also squishy?
  • Is it weird that I want to swim in a pool of those gel orbie things?

… Don’t answer that.

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