21 Of The Most Ridiculous Overlooked Tragedies From 2016

By now, you’re probably growing weary of my “2016 is almost over” and “it wasn’t all terrible” rants which is completely understandable because one can only take so much cheerleader level optimism. So, instead of trying to convince you (and myself) that the year is somewhat salvageable, let’s take a look back at some of the most hilarious Twitter tragedies that may have been overlooked in 2016. Who doesn’t love a little cynical humor?

1. This poor soul who ironed his marshmallows

2. Hannah’s oversized print job

3. This man’s unfortunate mixup

4. This girl who is all of us

5. One woman’s failed attempt at a drunken selfie

6. This classic miscommunication

7. This poor dog who just wanted a kiss

8. This mom’s disturbing yet hilarious discovery

9. The lasagna baby

10. Autocorrect taking action at the worst possible time

11. This less than subtle individual

12. This roommates lack of common sense

13. A hilariously unfortunate typo

14. Young Callum who is clearly going to have to change

15. We’ve all made this mistake at least once

16. This stepdad who doesn’t quite understand group messages

17. This poor dog’s haircut catastrophe

18. A woman who should’ve checked the fine print

19. This babysitter who might need an exorcist

20. A confused mom who thought she purchased a work of art

21. This poor girl and her evil family

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