The Internet Is Collectively Roasting Justin Bieber For Wearing This Obnoxious Fur Coat Around Los Angeles

While celebrities are often considered to be beacons of fashion inspiration, they can often serve as shining examples of what not to wear — particularly when their name is “Justin Bieber.”

In the midst of this balmy, 61-degree winter in Los Angeles, Bieber recently decided to step out wearing what can only be described as an arctic snow-beast. If you think such a description is an exaggeration, then I invite you to behold the terrorizing coat in question:

I’m not sure what kind of animal was slaughtered for this coat, but I’m pretty sure it once belonged to Jon Snow.

While it’s fruitless to muse about the motives behind Justin Bieber’s fashion choices, the whole thing is still utterly vexing. Why would anyone dress as if they’re adventuring in the arctic tundra when they are, in fact, just hitting the clubs in Los Angeles? Isn’t he concerned that he’ll start sweating profusely?

Once the Twitterverse received word of this inauspicious moment in fashion history, they decided that the only reasonable solution was to warm Bieber up — by roasting him, that is.

Some people claim that this error in judgement is just the last dying breath of the nightmare that has been 2016.

Others found the whole thing to be a somewhat delightful, if bizarre, holiday miracle.

A few believe that Bieber was just coping with the traumatic news about Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony.

Regardless, it seems that the internet has officially spoken: the fur coat look is not working in your favor, Bieber.

Even lil’ baby North West wears this look better than you.

If your ultimate goal was to look like a meme, though, then congratulations — you have officially achieved your final form.

I would muse about whether or not Bieber will have a response to these various taunts and jabs, but, judging by his recent appearance, it’s likely that he’ll be hibernating in his cave for the remainder of winter.


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