HBO Is Airing A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Marathon To Close Out 2016

2016 may go down as the worst year of our lives, but HBO is at least trying to salvage the last few days of it.

Was your 2016 basically one long bleak frigid night? Well good news!

Starting on December 26th and continuing through December 31st, HBO will air all six seasons of Game of Thrones

The first season airs at noon on December 26th on HBO2

screen shot 2016 12 21 at 10 34 09 am1 HBO Is Airing A Game Of Thrones Marathon To Close Out 2016

Enjoy escaping to Westeros for the last week of the year and savor it while you can, the seventh season of Game of Thrones won’t premiere until summer 2017 thanks to filming delays caused by a late winter in Europe. (And they say global warming is a hoax…)

Watch the promo here:

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