Here’s The Most Popular Christmas Movie In Every State

Now that Christmas is only a few days away, I’ve fully indulged myself in all things holiday related. There’s a tiny tree set up in my apartment, a massive box of candy canes next to my bed (don’t judge me), and an endless stream of Christmas films lined up in the “Recently Watched” section of my Netflix account.

If I had to choose my all time favorite holiday movie, it would probably be a tie between Elf and Christmas Vacation. According to a recent study, however, my home state (Texas) favors Home Alone. Check out the map below to find out which seasonal classic your state watches most this time of year and you may be surprised.

A recent survey discovered which holiday movies are watched most by state.

heres your favorite holiday movie based on the state you live in 2 Heres The Most Popular Christmas Movie In Every State took top-rated holiday movies as ranked by viewers over at AMC (American Movie Classics) and cross-referenced them with Google Trends state data from the past decade to see which holiday favorite films were most likely to be watched by state. The results are surprising to say the least.

There are some titles that appear consistently across large parts of the United States like Home Alone and Elf.

The western region of the U.S. seems to have a thing for Nightmare Before Christmas.

A few of the state favorites take place in that same locale or setting as the movie.

Connecticut: Christmas in Connecticut (1945)


Illinois: Home Alone (1990)

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New York: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)


Vermont: White Christmas (1954)


There’s also a surprising lack of A Christmas Story represented.


Whichever movie is your favorite this holiday season, we hope you enjoy it with a nice tall glass of cocoa (and peppermint schnapps.)

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