There’s Nothing Awkward About The Cyrus Family Christmas Photo, Oh Except…

Everyone’s got an awkward family. Sure, it may not seem like it when you’re all home together doing the seemingly normal things you usually do—the cute family traditions, sharing inside jokes, etc.  No, your family’s weirdness is only brought into relief when you bring a stranger into your home and suddenly have to explain why your dad calls sprinkles “jimmies” or something.

But when your family is full of celebrities it makes meeting them all the weirder, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity yourself. Just ask Liam Hemsworth’s face…

The Cyrus Family posed for an adorable family Christmas photo today, and everyone looked happy except…

Cyrus fam Christmas in full swing 🎄

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Liam looks a little like “WTF have I gotten myself into,” seriously, check out his face:


“I’m fine, this is fine.”

He couldn’t be doing a more spot-on impression of Jim Halpert from the The Office:


You can’t really blame him, he’s right beside his future father-in-law Billy Ray Cyrus, who looks like this now:


Guess he went full emo after someone broke his achy breaky heart…

It’s ok Liam, you’re always welcome in our family!

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