What Your Favorite Holiday Movie Says About Your Personaltiy

You know the movie you have to cozy up under a blanket and watch (and OK, maybe watch again…) or it doesn’t officially feel like Christmas? Of course, everyone loves a good holiday flick come December, but who are we kidding? We all play favorites this time of year.

Are you a hopeless romantic? And if yes, then are you Team Love Actually or Team The Holiday? Maybe you’re shamelessly old school in your devotion to Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed as the Baileys in It’s a Wonderful Life. Or you’re just a bad Santa? Whatever the case, here’s what your fave holiday movie says about you.

1. Love Actually

Few holiday movies are as divisive as Love Actually. You either love it or hate it. If you’re in the former camp, you likely can be described by friends in one of two ways: A hopeless romantic or basic and proud. While you’re fairly sure your love interest isn’t going to show up on your doorstep to express their feelings via cue cards, you haven’t totally ruled it out. In fact, every time the UPS man rings your bell during the month of December—which is often—your stomach drops a bit. In fact, that might be part of the reason for all of those extraneous Sephora deliveries. Hey, no one’s ever called you logical.

2. A Christmas Story

Your humor errs on the blue side, so of course A Christmas Story, and all its perverseness, is number one on your holiday flick list. You watched this movie dozens of times while you were growing up, not quite realizing how dark it was, but you loved it anyway—which is telling in and of itself. (Pollyanna you are not.) You can’t deny the fact that each time you watch this movie, it gets a little more bizarre, but you love it just the same. And one day, you’re going to own a g.d. leg lamp if it kills you!

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

You’re classic. You’re a little bougie. And it if were the 80s, you’d probably be described as a yuppie — and you’d effing love it. You’ve been watching Christmas Vacation ever since your older cousin, who was home for the holidays from Dartmouth, showed it to you, and it’s still funny AF to you. Every time you see it, you’re transported back to a time when hanging out with your cousins in the basement while the grownups talked upstairs was the pinnacle of fun. And, full disclosure, you still feel some type of way when you see Chevy Chase, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

4. Home Alone

Part of you loves Home Alone because it was when Macaulay Culkin was his Macaulay Culkin-est, but the other part of you loves it because you wish you were part of the McCallister family. Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris with a million and one of their nearest and dearest for the holidays? (Also: That house.) You may have aged out of the movie by this point, but you’ll always have a soft spot in your heart for precocious kids slapping their hands on their cheeks to feign surprise. Also, you and your siblings still drop a “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” to each other from time to time.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life 

You’ve always been convinced that you were an old soul, and when you watch (and rewatch) It’s a Wonderful Life, you know it to be true. You love how loved up you feel about everyone in your life after watching it, but no, you don’t want to watch the movie with anyone else, because you prefer to get all mushy in private. Extrovert you are not.

6. Elf

People wouldn’t be off-base by describing you as “high strung” or “full of energy” or  “a little bit insane.” Make no mistake about it, Christmas is your jam, and Buddy the Elf is your spirit animal. You’re so not one of those people who’s all, “Boo! Summer is ending!” Because you know what that means? Christmas is coming! The day after Thanksgiving — if you can wait that long — your tree is up and your home looks like Santa threw up everywhere. And that’s exactly how you feel most comfy, so suck it, haters.

7. The Holiday

While some may beg to differ (because they’re probably Elf or Love Actually people, ugh!), The Holiday is totally a classic Christmas movie—and one you have no problem watching 234 times during the months of November and December. When you’re in a relationship, The Holiday always makes you appreciate the one you’re with more, but when you’re not… it kind of makes you feel like crap. Whatevs though, you’re fairly certain your Jude Law—and all his Mr. Napkinhead glory—or maybe your Jack Black is somewhere waiting to find you too.

8. Bad Santa

Your favorite part of the holidays? All the drinking that goes along with it! To you, the holidays are less about “giving to others” or “spending time with family” and more about “seeing how fast you and your friends can finish that bottle of Patron that your boss gave you” or “hooking up with Dave from accounting at the office Christmas party.”  Same diff, right?

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas isn’t technically your thing—and neither are people, but you do love holing up in your room to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas every year. Something about the music and the stop motion is super soothing to you. And you can’t deny the fact that every time you watch it, you’re mentally taking notes for next year’s Halloween costume. Trick or treat, mother truckers.

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