17 Adults Divulge The Most Bizarre Punishment They Received As Kids

Parenting is no easy task, at least I can only assume that it isn’t because I’ve never had any kids of my own. One day maybe…raising kids has to be simultaneously the most difficult and most rewarding job in the world.

That being said, I do my best not to judge parents on their varying methods of discipline or lack thereof. Reddit asked its users about the most bizarre punishments they received as kids and their responses might just make you grateful for your own parents.

1. mukkalukka22‘s parents were creative to say the least.

If I slammed a door as a kid, I was to “open and close it 20 times, nicely.” It actually worked pretty well as I hated looking like an idiot.

2. Wow, TheShrinkingGiant, just wow.

I didn’t want to eat my green beans, so my father said I either eat them or wear them. I called his bluff.

Not a bluff.

With a Ziploc baggy and some twine, I wore those green beans the rest of the night around my neck. They still laugh at that one.

3. chalks777‘s dad doesn’t mess around.

I was 14ish years old, and supposed to be in bed sleeping. I decided I was bored and didn’t feel like sleeping so I went downstairs and told my dad “Dad, I’m bored, I can’t sleep.” So he told me “pull out a chair.” I did. Then “stand on the chair.” I did. then “touch the ceiling.” I did… then he went back to reading his book and ignored me. I was confused and probably stood there for a solid minute before I finally mustered up the nerve to ask him why I was standing on a chair touching the ceiling. He told me that I could continue doing that, or I could go back to bed.

I went back to bed.

4. Ashmullz, I would have cried laughing.

My younger siblings and I were fighting. My dad made all of us get into one large tshirt and walk around the block together. We were like 13, 9 and 8. We have framed pictures of our “walk of shame” in the living room.

5. Ouch, SquatchButter.

When I was 8 My dad once drove me to the orphanage because I was acting up and told me to get out. I settled down.

6. AmericanRuin, that’s quite the unique punishment.

If we misbehaved, my stepdad would make us stay up and watch old reruns of Lawrence Welk. We hated it.

7. Th4tFuckinGuy‘s mother really put in some work.

My mom caught me driving my friend in the car when I was 16 and still technically on a restricted license, so she proceeded to string up an intricate 3D web of fishing line snaking through the vents and around the headrests and seats that prevented anyone from sitting in the passenger seats of my car and even kept the rear doors from opening fully.

8. bakeycakeyboo will never forget the troll.

My mum used to threaten to put us in the cupboard with the ‘troll’ that lived in there. We heard the troll once singing his troll song so believed it was in there. We found out as adults it was my dad through the wall. Mean.

9. Fortunately, IxJAXZxI enjoyed chocolate.

They caught me stealing chocolate out of the cabinets. So they made me sit down and eat like 10 bags of chocolate at once. I love chocolate.

I believe their plan was to make me eat so much chocolate I would get sick or feel miserable and never want to eat chocolate again…or something like that I dont really know.

10. BIRCHTREEIII, this sounds like a Jimmy Kimmel-inspired punishment.

One time I flipped my mom off for limiting my Halloween candy consumption(I was 10). After I flipped her off, she made me pick one piece of candy and threw away the rest. I cried the entire time.

11. xsp4rrow‘s mother is a savage.

One time I lied to my mom about something really dumb and obvious. I was 9 or so at the time.

After she scolded me, she called me into the kitchen to “apologize” and tell me all was forgiven and I should have some ice cream. I immediately said Yes! I would love some! So she scopped out a huge bowl.

She then asked if I would like some sugar added to the top. And of course as a kid I thought more sugar would only make it more satisfying. So she added it.

She gave me the bowl and I took a bite into the most sugar-covered spoonful I could get. Turns out, it wasn’t sugar. It was salt.

Then she said “See how lying hurts people?”

My tiny trust was forever broken. It did teach me a lesson though.

12. Okay, T3HR4G3 that might be child abuse.

A friend of mine had “time out” which meant face the corner of 2 walls, while kneeling on uncooked rice so it digs into your knees.

Seems sadistic.

13. mukkalukka22, pure genius.

Another one of my moms bright ideas: one day she got sick of my younger two siblings yelling at each other so she told them they could fight but they had to sing their words… It ended pretty quickly. My future kids will love this.

14. EmbarrassedZebra‘s dad enjoyed exploiting his children’s music.

During my teen years if my brother or I did something wrong, my dad would take our Ipods, play our favourite songs, and force us to listen as he loudly whistled to him and slapped his thighs to the beat. It was torture.

15. No more legos for mattreyu.

It wasn’t followed through with, but my sister and I were fighting over Legos and my mom said if we didn’t stop, she’d melt them all in a pot then throw them away.

I was also told that if I was bad, I’d have to live in the basement with two-ton Tony, my secret brother

16. Interesting tactic by cmc‘s mom.

My mom used to keep a bin where she’d put all mismatching socks as they came out of the dryer. If we were being extra annoying, she’d dump out the bin and make us sift through the socks to pair them up.

It took hours.

17. cflo73‘s father preferred to take a preemptive strike.

So, my dad spanked us when we were really bad. The funniest thing he ever did though…One time we all went to a fancy restaurant, and before leaving the car, he spanked all of us once. He said, “listen, I’m hitting you and you haven’t even misbehaved yet. Imagine how bad it will be if you act badly tonight.”

My parents got multiple compliments for how extremely well behaved their four boys were that night. We still laugh our asses off when that comes up with family.

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