Here’s What The Sinners Are Buying On Amazon This Week

With only a few days until Christmas, we can safely assume that you’re frantically scrambling to find those last-minute gifts you’ve put off buying all year. Leaving work and tossing back some eggnog while settled in front of your favorite holiday movie have been the only things on your mind.

Never fear though, the Sinners Of Amazon list has returned to salvage your last attempts at finding the perfect gift for those kinky friends on your list this year. Don’t forget to set your browser to incognito and get to shopping ya filthy animals.

1. SVAKOM Powerful Multi-speed Magic Wand Massager


First up on our list this week is a personal magic wand massager with a solid 4-star customer rating. Aside from its kind of adorable pink shade, this toy is said to have an intelligent mode that will “whisk you away into another world.”

Get it HERE

2. Ball & Chain I.O.U. The Game of Hidden Pleasures


If you have yet to purchase a gift for your significant other this I.O.U. game of “hidden pleasures” might be exactly what you need. The best part, it’s a present for you too.

Get it HERE

3. Male Chastity Cage Device


Of all the BDSM accessories we’ve included on our list in the past months, this chastity device is one of the most perplexing to me. Why would anyone find pleasure in having their manhood locked away? I don’t understand.

Get it HERE

4. Kheper Games Edible Beer Pasties


These beer pasties are just plain ridiculous, but we figure they’ll give at least some of you a nice hard laugh. Did we mention they’re edible too?

Get it HERE

5. Open Mouth Gag


Next up on our list this week is a ball gag except the ball part is replaced with a pair of open pink lips. While I understand the function, I don’t think this is something that will be on my wish list any time soon.

Get it HERE

6. Tuxedo Strap Thong For Men

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This wonderful product is most definitely a mutually beneficial gift. Reviewers give it a solid 4.4 stars and we can guess why.

Get it HERE

7. Rianne S Pussy Playballs w/Cosmetic Case


These play balls bear an uncomfortable resemblance to makeup sponges, imho. According to the product description, these “4 different weights will create the perfect exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscle, and experience stronger orgasms.”

Get it HERE

8. Pipedream Products Icicle Candy Cane


In the spirit of Christmas, we had to include this candy cane glass massager. It can also be frozen for an added chilly sensation.

Get it HERE

9. Sexysamba Doggie Style Postion Support Strap


Amazon shoppers rave about this doggy style strap and accessories saying it allows for deeper penetration and more comfortable stimulation. A win, win in our book.

Get it HERE

10. The Farting Animals Coloring Book


If you’ve been looking for the perfect gag gift to give this year, the Farting Animals Coloring Book might be just what you need. Yes, farts are funny no matter how old you get.

Get it HERE

11. Soft Genuine Suede Leather Flogger


Though it may look like your average leather whip, this suede flogger is one of the top rated toys on Amazon. Its material is said to give a stronger sensation and last longer than others like it.

Get it HERE

12.  The Original Toilet Mug


I honestly don’t think I would ever be able to drink my coffee out of this mug, but I’d love to give it to a younger brother or coworker and watch them have to use it every day.

Get it HERE

13. Utimi Emulational 3D Little Butt


Last, but certainly not least is this disturbing AF male masturbator which is essentially just a replica of a woman’s ass and other parts with no body attached. Why? Seriously, why?

Get it HERE

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