Here’s A Look Back On The 10 Most Dramatic Celebrity Relationship Moments Of 2016

2016 was a pretty crazy year in the world of celebrities. We lost huge names like David Bowie, Prince, and Allen Rickman. We saw tons of unexpected drama, like Kim Kardashian’s horrifying robbery or the escalating feud between T-Swift and Kanye. And, more than anything else, we witnessed some pretty shocking couplings, break-ups, and romantic confessions.

From Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, here are 10 celebrity relationship moments that blindsided us, disturbed us, charmed us, and made us completely lose our shit in 2016.

1. Brangelina went back to just being Brad and Angelina.


Brangelina consciously uncoupled this year in an explosive divorce that’s still making headlines. Rumor has it Angelina Jolie surprised Brad Pitt with divorce papers because of his aggressive behavior with their kids. Pitt was also investigated for alleged child abuse, though he won’t be charged. The split was unexpected, but it did launch 24 hours of fantastic Jennifer Aniston jokes to help us laugh through our tears.

2. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had a seriously dramatic break-up.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift developed some bad blood this year after they broke up. Swift immediately started dating Tom Hiddleston and then revealed she was actually the writer behind Harris’ summer smash “This Is What You Came For.” Harris called Swift out in a savage twitter tirade, essentially calling her a mean girl and implying that she likes to start drama (like her alleged feud with Katy Perry). “I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. Swift has been out of the spotlight for a few months, and we can’t help but think it has a lot to do with Harris airing all their dirty laundry.

3. Kristen Bell finally let us check out her wedding photos.

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Here’s an adorable palate cleanser for you. Earlier this year, Kristen Bell made headlines when she finally shared pictures from her wedding to Dax Shepard and revealed that—GASP—the couple did not have a big, fancy celebrity wedding. Instead, they got married at an L.A. courthouse for $142. Bell also talked about how hard she and Shepard work at their marriage, including that they see a relationship counselor. The news was a refreshing change from the usual lavish celeb weddings and high drama divorces.

4. Beyonce dropped Lemonade and got real about infidelity.

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After the 2016 Super Bowl, Beyonce dropped a new album that led to some shocking revelations. The album was all about the complexity of relationships and grappling with infidelity. Fans took it as confirmation that Jay-Z was a cheater, and even went on a hunt to figure out Beyonce’s reference to “Becky with the good hair.” They started harassing everyone from Rita Ora to Rachel Roy, both of whom denied ever having an affair with Jay-Z. In the end, we never got the answer. Beyonce was too busy running the world and smashing the fuck out of her Formation tour.

5. Sofia Vergara got sued by her ex…again.

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Sofia Vergara is happily married to actor Joe Mangianello. The drama for her is actually coming from her ex, businessman Nick Loeb. Since 2014, the jilted Loeb has been suing Vergara for rights to frozen pre-embryos they created during their relationship. His initial lawsuit failed, so he decided to pursue a new, separate lawsuit in which the pre-embryos themselves are actually suing for the right to be born. A “right to live” lawsuit has been filed in Lousianna on behalf of the embryos, and if he wins, Loeb could take “custody” of the pre-embryos and have them implanted in a surrogate against Vergara’s wishes.

6. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds brought out the babies.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are notoriously private, but the gorgeous A-listers actually made an appearance with their entire family this year. Reynolds was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and brought his two adorable daughters to the ceremony. It was the first time any of us have ever seen the Reynolds-Lively babies, so we understandably lost our shit.

7. Michael Phelps got secretly married.

Everyone was smitten with swimmer Michael Phelps and his fiancee Nicole Johnson during the 2016 Olympics. Little did we know, they were already married. In October, the pair revealed they secretly married before the Olympics ever took place. it’s not every day a celebrity can pull off an entire wedding without anyone knowing. Needless to say, people were shocked, and we’re still scrambling to get all of the adorable details.

8. Bachelor Ben and Lauren Bushnell called off the wedding.

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On an episode of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, Ben Higgins shocked everyone by telling Bachelor winner Lauren Bushnell that he isn’t ready to get married. Higgins said he is still in love with Lauren, but admitted he thinks they’re taking things way too fast. The stars decided to postpone their wedding until they’ve gotten a chance to know each other better, but The Bachelor franchise rarely spawns lasting relationships, so it’ll be interesting to see if these two ever actually make it down the aisle.

9. The stars of HGTV’s Flip Or Flop called it quits on their marriage.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa announced they’re splitting up after Tarek had a dramatic run-in with police outside of their Los Angeles home. Apparently the HGTV star threatened to commit suicide and left his house with a loaded gun. Police had to search for him via helicopter, and 6 months later the couple said that was the catalyt for their split. Now, rumors are flying that Tarek banged the nanny and Christina got down and dirty with a contractor. One thing’s for sure: this is not the white picket fence, happily ever after portrait HGTV tries to paint.

 10. Blac Chyna left Rob Kardashian.

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna welcomed their first child, Dream, a few months ago. The pair has always had a tumultuous relationship, but Rob stunned us all when he announced that Blac Chyna took the baby and left him. In a post on Snapchat, Rob can be seen pacing around his living room and talking about how Chyna is gone. Chyna responded on Instagram with a post saying Rob stressed her out her entire pregnancy, and she’s done with his bullshit. She apparently messaged her best friend, Treasure, saying “Imma give Rob 1 year to get it together . Or I’m gone … I don’t wanna treat him like Tyga but I will.” Damn, girl.

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