This Man Is Dressing Up As His ‘Sex And The City’ Alter-Ego On Instagram: ‘Carrie Dragshaw’

Dan Clay is living a double life: by day, he’s a 32-year-old strategy and innovation consultant in New York City, but after work he transforms into his Sex and the City-inspired alter-ego, “Carrie Dragshaw.”

With the help of an amazing blonde wig, Clay is recreating classic Carrie Bradshaw ensembles all around NYC, and posting the (incredibly accurate) results to his Instagram feed. The whole photo series is incredibly impressive, regardless of whether you’re a fan SATC or not.

The project is an ode to his love for the iconic HBO show, which he secretly harbored an affection for during his college years. Clay tells Cosmopolitan that he would always “pretend” to hate Sex and the City whenever girls would come over to his frat house to watch the show, but now that he’s “out (as a) proud homosexual,” he’s no longer hiding his Carrie light under a bushel.

And in case you were wondering, yes: Sarah Jessica Parker, AKA Carrie Bradshaw herself, has give the project her patented seal of approval. The actress commented on one of Clay’s snapshots, saying “Oh my L_ord! Words cannot convey. A triumph.”

Naturally, Clay’s Instagram feed has since taken off, and “Carrie Dragshaw” now has over 14,000 followers.

(For what it’s worth, Clay’s abs rival even those of Sarah Jessica Parker, which I feel deserves an award of some sort.)

Yesterday I did a guest post for the brilliant queens of @everyoutfitonsatc and I wanted to post it too because 1) it's my favorite scene in the show 🐎, 2) it's my favorite Carrie caption I've written so far, 3) I made that fu*king bag, and 4) most importantly people have been so nice I wanted to say thank you! You are making this little queen smile huge ❤CD❤ In New York, if you want to know how the other half lives, you head to the Plaza—the hotel where Chanel got tea, Gatsby got mad, Sinatra got applause…and Big got away. As he drove off with his perfectly simple fiancé, I started thinking about My Other Half. What happens to the girls who never find theirs? Was my heart a half-empty hotel, with a “Big Vacancy” sign on the revolving door? I couldn’t help but wonder: Did some women need to tone down to settle down? Change their shape to find a match, change their soul to find a mate? Or could it be that life isn’t about searching for someone who makes you complete—it’s about realizing you already are. And maybe, just maybe, we’re born with the love we’re meant to find. And if the world says tone it down—turn it up. Because your true other half knows you’re already whole. #CarrieDragshaw

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Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the incredible attention to detail in all of these photo recreations? Including the control-top purple pantyhose?

It can be hard out there for a single girl, but there are a few words that provide instant comfort: “Vogue September Issue,” “2-for-1 Cosmopolitans,” “Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale,” and “Perfect First Date Follow-Up.” PFDFU. It's flirty and funny. Easy, breezy, and cool. He's clearly into it and you're like a pair of purple control top pantyhose: fun and holding it all together. It takes you right back to that perfect first date, when the conversation flowed effortlessly, the spark lit instantly, and the first kiss felt like fate. As you flirt on the phone, you float on a cloud that seems to sparkle from the inside, and for a moment you forget your baggage, you forget your past, you forget how many times you’ve felt this feeling before but it failed to last…and you smile. I couldn't help but wonder: Maybe love is like a mobile phone. When you have a good connection, you’ve just got to keep talking and hope for the best. #CarrieDragshaw

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Looking through Clay’s feed is, hands-down, the most delightful way to relive some of the most memorable scenes from the show (and the most memorable outfits).

Clay says the photo project has given him a newfound appreciation for the show, and that he’s even going so far as to create custom Carrie-esque captions for each addition to the series. “I’m watching Sex and the City the way people read James Joyce,” Clay says. “I’m analyzing the sentence structure, like deconstructing how she asks questions.”

Here’s hoping that “Carrie Dragshaw” is here to stay — and slay. And, judging from her thousands of followers, I feel pretty confident that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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