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17 Disney Tattoos That Will Bring Out Your Inner Childhood

You don’t have to be a kid to have an obsession with Disney.  In fact, it’s the perfect escape from your every day grind.  While some show their ever-lasting love for Disney through stuffed animals, others do by permanently making a mark— and these people did just that.

1. Up’s popular old man, Carl Fredricksen.

2. Mulan’s beautiful dress.

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3. Simba’s symbol from The Lion King.

4. Tiny tat of WALL-E.

5. Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

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6. Aladdin’s famous Genie.

7. Ursala from The Little Mermaid.

8. Snow White’s famous stance.

9. Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio.

10. Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.

11. Pocahontas inked in black.


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12. Dumbo’s contagious smile.

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13. Sleeping Beauty and her sexy prince. 

14. Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

15. The lovely Bambi. 

16. Donald Duck from Chip’s Ahoy.

17. Cinderalla’s famous glass slipper.


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