15 People On The Secret That Would Ruin Them

Secrets are usually not that big of a deal unless you’re on a ABC Family show where an omnipresent villain is constantly texting you threatening to expose your darkest past mistakes. If I think hard enough, there are few secrets in my life that would ruin everything I’ve built. Sure, I’ve done stuff I’m definitely not proud of, but nothing that would be a show stopper. However, after all this election nonsense I started to think about the people who do have secrets that run deep.

These secrets, if revealed, would not only put these people’s jobs at risk, but the families that they’ve built. I wanted to know what sort of secrets could push people to do rash, exaggerated and desperate things, so I put out an anonymous post asking various users from around the internet to share with me the one secret they never want to be revealed. The answers I received were a fascinating look into what humans are capable of doing and how we will go to great length to deny ourselves of our animalistic nature.

Can’t Go Out, I’m Sick

“I think if anyone knew how much cocaine I do that they would fire me and stop being my friend. I always have to tell people I’m too busy to go out, but the truth is I’m too poor to go out because I spent all my money on coke.” – Elijah, 29.

Good Samaritan Law

“I watched a friend overdose once and was so high and afraid that I just left without calling the cops. It will always haunt me.”- Kelly, 28.


“I think if my parents knew how many thousands I’ve stolen from them over the years that I wouldn’t be welcome into their home anymore.” – Tina, 26.

Assisting my Assistant

“I think if my boss knew how many times I’ve had sex in the office and called out of work, that I would no longer have my job with benefits and a 401k. Also, that I definitely am sleeping with my assistant.” – Paul, 38.


“My darkest secretly definitely is that I’ve been living with HIV for 10 years and have never told any of my partners or hookups.”- Karen, 26. 

Craigslist Side Hustle

“If my husband ever knew I was turning tricks on Craigslist while he was asleep I’m sure that would ruin my marriage,my job, my friendships.” – Paulette, 32.

Gay Surprise

“That I am gay.”- Olivia, 56. 

Shank n Run

“I’ve stabbed someone before in a club. They were trying to start a fight and it was very crowded. I was never caught but I pray every day that that person is ok.”

New Mexico, New Life!

“That I no longer love my husband, or my children. I think about driving off to New Mexico every day.” – Laura, 29.

Sex Binge

“I cheat on my husband every time he leaves town. It’s like a three day sexual binge where I just stay with my side guy.”-Josh, 31. 

Family Affair

“I slept with my sister’s husband in their bedroom while she was out town and I was helping him with the kids.” – Brett, 34. 

Incest Teas

“I had a ten year relationship with my older brother behind my parent’s back. We broke it off because we realized it was wrong but occasionally we still hook up.” – Nyle, 29.

Rent Check

“I stole all the jewelry from my Grandma’s Safety Deposit box. Guess it wasn’t that safe. I really needed it to pay my rent and my parents had refused to help me out.” –Christina, 25.


“I hit and run my coworkers dog. She was having a huge picnic at her house and I backed over the dog, killing it. She left the company shortly after because no one would come forward and claim responsibility.” – Jamie, 27.

Peep Show

“For years I’ve been secretly recording women peeing in my bathroom so I can rewind and watch later. I have a camera set up on the shower and the toilet for my voyeuristic desires.”  -Chris, 29. 

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