13 Hilarious Christmas Gifts That Will Bring You To Tears

Sometimes well-intentioned gifts can go horribly wrong… or right, depending on the receiver.   Maybe your neighbor didn’t mean to give you something that could poison you.  Then again, maybe she did.

From hilarious stocking stuffers to requests that were taken literally, get in here and enjoy some unusual presents.

1. Because who doesn’t want their own face blown-up on a blanket from their Dad?


2. Good parents inspect their kid’s Christmas gifts.


3. But why?

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4. Because your neighbor secretly wants to poison you.


5. “I Photoshopped Myself To Be My Own Awkward Family. Yes, They Are All Me (Bodies Included). Yes, I Did Go To The Beach And Take The Pictures. Yes People Did Stare. Yes, I Did Send This Out To My Family And Friends For The Holidays” by brynnshu


6. He got what he asked for.

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7. His sister’s friend memed the crap out of her gifts.


8. This guy is 24 and still living with his parents.


9. His dad didn’t follow instructions.

10. This guy jokingly asked for 100 things at the dollar store.


11. The son wanted Beats headphones for Christmas.


12. This 8-year-old son was in charge of stuffing stockings.


13. It’s the thought that counts.


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