Boyfriend Outdoes Himself By Making His Girlfriend A Harry Potter Quidditch Set For Christmas

I’m not making the hasty generalization that all men are bad at buying gifts, but … let’s just say that a fair percentage of guys hate shopping, and it definitely becomes apparent when they’re giving presents.

Fortunately, there are still some guys out there who are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to giving their significant other a gift — and one boyfriend in particular is living proof of this statement.

Jared Weissman’s long-term girlfriend, Shelby, is a huge fan of Harry Potter.

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In fact, Shelby is such a fan, that Wiessman actually hand-crafted a Nimbus 2000 broom for her Christmas present last year.


Naturally, such a gift set the bar pretty high — but Weissman was determined to top himself.

“After creating the Nimbus 2000 last year, I felt obligated to make something even better this year,” Weissman tells Berry. “Shelby had mentioned when we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and periodically throughout the year that she wanted a Quidditch chest, so I made one!”

A Quidditch chest is used to hold all of the Hogwarts Quidditch team equipment, including one Quaffle, two Bludgers, a Beater’s bat, and the Golden Snitch.


If you think that this particular project sounds less involved than creating a broomstick, then think again. Not only did Weissman intricately hand-paint the entire chest, he also created homemade versions of all the Quidditch balls.

“I used a stock photo … as well as Shelby’s mini Quidditch chest, to get the entire design,” he says. “I used a ruler and painters tape to measure everything and get straight lines. Then I painted everything with paint pens, and a mixture of paint for the reddish color on the chest.”


Each one of the balls required a slightly different creation process. “The Bludgers were made from two 4.5 inch wooden balls, carved with the design and spray painted. The Quaffle was a 7 inch styrofoam ball, wrapped with vinyl and the Hogwarts crest attached.”


Weissman even went as far as creating a special, separate compartment for the Snitch.

“The main crest (which is my favorite part of the whole thing) was cut out, painted, and mounted with hinges to open and reveal the Snitch.”


“The Snitch was created with a wooden ball and speaker wire, painted gold, and then mounted with magnets placed behind the cutout to give a floating effect.”


Weissman says that, although the process took well over a month to complete, it was well worth it to see the look on Shelby’s face when she received the ornate chest — although the couple still aren’t sure where they’re going to display this work of art.

“This was so much fun to make and it took about 36 days, mostly because I had to keep ordering things and running to hardware stores,” he says. “She was very surprised, and loved it so much. It’s another prop replica for her to add to her growing collection, unfortunately, we still have to find room for this one!”

After last year’s Nimbus 2000 gift, Shelby was anticipating another Harry Potter present, but had no idea the replica would be so intricately detailed.

“She was very surprised and loved how accurate it looks. She couldn’t stop smiling and loved all of the small details I added to make it look so similar to the chest in the movie and at Harry Potter world. She was definitely expecting another Harry Potter gift, but had no idea I was making that.”

And now, boyfriends everywhere are probably hanging their heads, since Weissman has definitely upped the Christmas gift game. Forget jewelry — get some creativity and some carpentry skills, guys!

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