No One Can Watch This Mom’s Surprise Christmas Proposal Without Ugly Crying

Now that Christmas has passed, it’s likely your social newsfeeds have become flooded with photos of happy couples and gifts galore in addition to the occasional surprise engagement.

Though I tend to roll my eyes every time I come across one of these mushy announcements, I have to admit they’re pretty damn adorable. What better gift than a proposal on Christmas?

Twitter user Logan Rondi got to see her mom unwrap a surprise proposal from her boyfriend on Christmas Day and the video has left the internet ugly crying.

Logan’s Mom has been seeing her boyfriend for 6 years and this holiday season he finally decided to pop the question. He creatively wrapped the proposal in the last of a series of boxes so that Logan’s mom had no idea what to expect.

Fortunately for us, Logan captured the whole thing and posted it on Twitter.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

She also shared photos of the note and ring.



The story quickly went viral and has since been retweeted almost 90K times and received more than 277K likes.

Now everyone is feeling emotional.

Logan also shared that her mom and her new fiance met on AND he was recently featured on ESPN for donating a kidney.

We might need a minute.

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