People Share The Most Terrifying Thing They’ve Ever Seen

We tend to think that scary crimes and news-worthy occurrences only happen to other people.  No one can predict when a life-changing event will occur but it takes courage to reveal such horrifying experiences.

Anybody can run into unfortunate circumstances and this group of Reddit users revealed just that.  Prepare yourself for hair-raising moments recounted by people who deserve some extra luck in the near future.

1. Stabbyma can’t unsee.

A young woman after getting hit by a car while she was walking across the street. She had blood streaming from her head, and was making the most horrifying noise I have ever heard. Like a wail and a scream

2. IcemanofEA‘s unforgettable hospital visit.

Walked into a hospital room to find my mothers godfather who we had been helping to care for had passed away. That itself isn’t terrifying however the position he died in haunts me, holding the sides of the bed tightly, facing the ceiling eyes still open and looking like he was terrified of what he was seeing.

The nurses stated that they had checked on him 10 minutes earlier but the fact that he was stone cold I suspect otherwise, still twists my stomach thinking of it

3. Willmaster123 lived in Gozny Chechnya during war.

Girl, maybe 13, was severely injured in the street from a bombing and i couldnt do anything about it because we were too far from any base or help. Came back 8~ hours later and she was still alive, still shrieking in agony. I presume that she died.

4. Kiky23 witnessed something crazy in class.

In middle school my shop teacher had a heart attack and died during my class. We called down to the office and they didn’t believe us until we started banging on other classroom doors.

5. Trebuchetfight’s hallucinations.

Hallucinations from delirium tremens. What hopefully none of you have or will have to experience about DT’s is that even when one knows that you’re hallucinating, not only do you see/hear shit but your mind also tries to make it seem real. So when I saw these ghostly black dogs in my bedroom, it was really fucking difficult to convince myself they weren’t real

6. Xvoltage360’s was just watching TV.

I was watching the news and a guy came and shot the 2 people on it

7. Pacatrack knows all about alpacas.

Can confirm. I raise alpacas and, if raised well, they’re the sweetest animal you will ever meet, but can still stomp the absolute shit out of a predator.

8. Dogfck watched his wife give birth.

The umbilical was wrapped around my daughter’s neck, and my wife’s contractions weren’t strong enough. They were using a vacuum and hoping that they wouldn’t completely strangle my daughter in the process. They got her out, but she was blue, and not moving or breathing. I could only watch, I was terrified and helpless, as was my wife.

They got my daughter on a respirator immediately, and within 10 seconds, got her breathing. Within a few minutes you could see colour. Even after she she was conscious, she didn’t cry. She’s been tough from minute one.

9. l3th4rgic encountered a thief.

Waking up to the screams of my three younger siblings as a robber broke into their room in the middle of the night. Jesus, I remember being high and as soon as I heard those screams, I felt the adrenaline running through me. I dialed 911 on my phone as I ran to the kitchen, looking for anything I could use as a weapon. First thing I saw was a pair of those pitchfork-looking things you use to grill. As 911 answered, I dropped my phone and yelled out my address while running to my siblings’ room. The guy had already left from the screams, I suppose. Thankfully the kids were unharmed. I’ll never forget how terrifying their screams were. It still haunts me from time to time 😦

10.  RadioActiveAppendix‘s story just started with food.

A person who was choking and turned blue. But it isn’t like blue …it’s more like gray. It’s horrifying to see it.

11. Chrisneske had to break the news.

I had to tell my mother that my youngest brother had committed suicide. She had no idea until I told her and the sound was the worst thing I have ever heard. And I am a firefighter paramedic.

12. 10ToasterfieldLane’s ran into an unwelcome mammal.

A bear ran across my yard once.

A giant black bear.

I’m in fucking South Jersey.

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