This Dad Played Santa For A Bunch Of Squirrels, And It Was So Heartwarming

‘Tis the season for giving, which means buying bottles upon bottles of wine to give to loved ones, the mailman, your neighbor…anyone you think would enjoy getting tipsy, really. Or maybe you bake cookies and hand those out. But what about the animals, you guys. They deserve to be gift recipients just as much as us human folk. Especially those crazy little squirrels who scurry around in your backyard and entertain TF out of you day after day.

One dad named Paul Chesnaye agrees that squirrels deserve to celebrate the holidays, too.

Chesnaye told BuzzFeed News that he and his daughter Lucy had a particularly difficult week after enduring a family tragedy. (As if 2016 wasn’t already a total nightmare, ugh.) They were in need of some ~mood-lightening~ if you will, so Chesnaye wrapped up the perfect gift for squirrels: nuts! And presented the packages to his furry friends on Christmas morning.

“We had some Brazil nuts, some peanuts, almonds, and cashews,” Chesnaye explained to BuzzFeed. “They got a real selection, so it was a special Christmas present!” So cute.

Lucy’s tweet and accompanying photos of the squirrels opening up their Christmas presents has since gone viral, hitting 91,478 retweets and counting. Here are some of the cutest reactions:

“My daughter said the reaction to her tweet has been incredible, but this is all new to me,” Chesnaye concluded to BuzzFeed. “My family is used to me being a bit nutty at times.”

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