21 Products To Help You Feel Like A Real Adult In 2017

The final days of 2016 are in our midst at last and we could not be more excited. The abominable cluster fuck is finally coming to an end, thank god. Now that the past is almost behind us, it’s imperative we start this coming year off on the right foot. Goals need to be set, plans should be made, and a positive attitude is essential to our survival.

Now more than ever, is the time to put on your big girl (or boy) pants and get shit done. With that in mind, these are a few products that can help you on your journey to semi-adulting in 2017 because we could all use a little push. Baby steps, people.

1. A useful guide to being more assertive in all areas of your life


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2. This stylish planner for keeping your shit organized next year

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3. A meal planning guide so you never have to discover an empty fridge


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4. A complete first aid kit because you will need it


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5. A personal blender because smoothies are good for you


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6. This laundry bag that will motivate you to clean your clothes


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7. This inspirational coffee mug


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8. A smart bottle that reminds you to drink more water


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9. Bra wash bags to keep those Victoria’s Secret purchases lasting longer


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10. This daily beauty station/makeup organizer


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11. Some motivational artwork


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12. This dumbbell alarm clock that won’t stop ringing until you curl 30 times


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13. A set of 4 decorative mini succulent displays


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14. A very distinguished looking wine rack


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15. This split hamper/laundry sorter


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16.  Some matching, stain resistant place mats


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17. This creative eco style toilet paper holder


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18. A few decorative candles that you won’t burn the house down with


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19. This adorable elephant key holder so you don’t constantly lose them


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20. A scholarly laptop bag


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21. This portable universal Wrap Electronics travel organizer


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