7 Signs You Need to Be Single in 2017

It may come as a surprise to some that winter time is actually the time of the year where couples break up most frequently. Maybe it is the stress of having to dole out your paycheck to everyone you know due to consumer gift-giving culture. Maybe it is the high-pressure situations of having to be with your significant others, but most couples who lasted through summer and fall tend to unravel during this time.

Many people fear being alone around the holiday season and New Year, but while their loneliness is justified there are a lot of positives to starting off the New Year solo. If you’re contemplating ditching the boo and entering into 2017 with a fresh start, here are 7 signs it is the best choice for you.

1. You Want a Clean Slate

If the past year weighed heavily on you and you just want to start all over it’s a sign that all the pieces in your life in the past year were not fitting properly. Maybe you think it is time to clean house and completely revamp your life, and maybe that includes no longer being with someone you associate with your past self.

2. You Want to Expand Your Social Circle

If you feel like you need to branch out and make new friends, your significant other who is content to sit on the couch every single night is not going to cut it. Sometimes when we’re with someone for so long we forget that a lot of our share habits are learned. Sometimes in order to break these habits and meet new people we need to let go of the person we were previously with.

3. You Want to Crush it at Work

If your boss gave you an awesome opportunity and you need to pour yourself completely into it in the new year in order to impress them, you may decide that being in a relationship isn’t for you right now. While it may seem cruel, sometimes relationships do distract you from your grind and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to go after your personal successes.

4. You’re Beginning to See Your Future

As we get older the blurry thing we consider our future comes more and more into focus. If your future is beginning to materialize in front of you and you can’t see your current significant other in it, it is a sign that you need to let them go and move on.

5. You Need A Break From Drama

Part of New Years is promising to be a different person than you were in previous years, so if your previous year was full of crying over the phone to your mom because your significant other and you were screaming and upset the neighbors, it is time to leave that drama in the past.

6. You’re Curious About Other People

It is OK to eventually be curious about someone else. As we get older the New Year marks a time where we can reset and chase down the things we felt we couldn’t in the previous year. If you’ve been considering dating other people, maybe it is time to pull the trigger, metaphorically, and begin to do that.

7. You Want to Make a Major Change

Everyone knows that the New Year marks a time for change. Sometimes we feel as if the only way we can truly declutter our lives is to cut ties with the people and things who didn’t make us feel fulfilled. If your significant other didn’t make you feel fulfilled throughout the year then it is a clear sign that you need to cut them out of your life in order to move forward.

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