This Talk Show Host Is Getting Dragged On Twitter For Saying Eating Ice Cream Is Too Gay

We all scream for ice cream? Apparently not.

In a hilarious example of how fragile masculinity can be, Richard Hammond, British star of Total Wipeout and the Amazon talk show The Grand Tour, threw himself under the bus for suggesting that anyone who enjoys ice cream is gay. On the sixth episode of The Grand Tour, his co-host Jeremy Clarkson brings up a gripe about not being able to eat ice cream to avoid messing up the interior of a car. Hammond follows up with, “I don’t eat ice cream. Something to do with being straight.”

The audience appears to agree while Jeremy Clarkson looks around confused, “Why are you applauding him?”

“Ice cream is a bit, you know.” Hammond says.

“So you’re saying all children are homosexuals?” replies Clarkson.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. But a grown man eating an ice cream, it’s a bit that way rather than that way.”


Watch the full clip here:

Twitter suffered a collective brain freeze and proceeded to drag Hammond through hell and back.

If straight people stop eating ice cream altogether, I’ll be the first to buy up all the Blue Bell once the prices drop.

According the BBC network, a spokesman for LGBT equality charity Stonewall said “Hammond’s choice of words were not just ridiculous, but chosen purposefully to mock and belittle. This is the sort of childish language heard in playgrounds across Britain.”

Which phallic food is next on Richard Hammond’s hit list? Bananas? Hot dogs? Movie theater pickles? I’m so sorry heterosexuals can’t eat what they want because of how a food is shaped. Fragile masculinity sucks.

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