This Huge Furry Dog Playing With A Kid Will Give You Strong ‘Harry Potter’ Vibes

“Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is an uplifting photography series by Andy Seliverstoff that highlights on the strong relationship between little children and the giant dogs they admire.  He spent months in St. Petersburg, Russia, capturing heartwarming moments that will instantly brighten your day.

Seliverstoff said, “The state of endless joy and mutual confidence – that has become the main idea of the series.”  His whimsical work between kid-to-dog interactions has been turned into a book that you can pre-order here.

The photo series below is one of my favorite sequences of them all.  Watch this charismatic blonde kid play with these giant furry blonde Komondors.


Between two Komondors #komondor #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs

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Racing wth my trained Mop #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs

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Magic Flight Wild Mop From Book "Little Kids and their Big Dogs" #littlekidsandtheirbigdogs

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Could you handle the cute?

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