Kim Kardashian Just Returned To Social Media, For Real

After Kim Kardashian’s traumatizing robbery in Paris, the reality star took an uncharacteristic, completely unprecedented, but thoroughly understandable break from social media. Back in November, Berry reported that Kim had returned to social media with a rando pic of her looking at a phone with the hashtag “#LumeeCollab.” Soon thereafter, Kim deleted the post. And the general consensus was that it didn’t seem all that exciting or personal enough to be the actual post that marked her return. Probably just some sponsored post she was obligated to do or thought she might do and then changed her mind about? Who knows!

Anyway, two months have gone by, and she finally posted a video to her app, website, and YouTube which we’re pretty damn sure is her first legit, major social media post since that dark day in Paris.

The clip is a 2.5-minute montage of behind-the-scenes moments in Kimye’s family life. Kim, Kanye, North, and Saint, as well as extended family members (hey, Penelope!), all appear in the video, which is set to Jeremih’s 2015 song “Paradise.” Even for a star who’s been in the spotlight pretty much nonstop for 10 years, it feels super-personal. And it’s heartwarming. Truly. I challenge you not to get a little choked up while watching Kim kiss lil’ Saint, Kanye act like a super-proud papa, or North help her baby brother.

Check it out:

Presented without any sort of caption or explanation, we’re left wondering what Kim wants us to take away from this. My guess: She’s more than just a fashion plate, reality star celebrity. He’s more than just a rapper known for his controversial sound bites. They’re a happily married couple with two little kids, and believe it or not, even though they in the spotlight, their family life is sacred to them.

See exhibit B: Yeezy’s Christmas photo tweet.

I wouldn’t take it her post as that Kim’s necessarily over the celebrity life, but perhaps her priorities have shifted a bit now. And if you needed even further proof, here’s Kim’s most recent post (from this afternoon!). And it’s of her family. Obvi.

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