Please Don’t Fall For The Viral Story About This Dude’s Printer Prank

Another day, another viral internet story which is a total crock of sh*t.

Twitter user Blake Messick made waves last Friday when he posted about an alleged prank that he pulled on one of his neighbors, using only a wireless printer and a perverse sense of humor. Apparently, Blake noticed that his neighbor had added a new, unsecured printer to their network, and decided to use the opportunity to his advantage.

In an effort to spook his neighbor, Blake supposedly used the bluetooth printer to send his neighbor a printout which read, “Hello. I am your printer. I have become self-aware. Run.”

Blake then tweeted a followup photo which appeared to show a printer lying on the curb outside of his neighbor’s home — implying that the prank had worked a little too well, and that his neighbor was officially done with the “defective” printer.

Blake then tweeted out a photo in which he appeared to have helped himself to the discarded printer, with a caption reading “Thanks neighbor.”

If it were true, the prank would have been a wildly successful one. I mean, could there be a more ingenious method for procuring a free printer? Arguably, no.

Many people started to already congratulate Blake for his “successful printer trolling.”

However, it has become clear to many on Twitter that Blake’s story was more of a hoax than a prank.

Why? Well, for one, the name of the alleged printer is in an entirely different font in the supposed screen grab.

Then there’s the fact that the printer sitting out on the curb kind of looks like Blake just photoshopped a photo of a Canon printer next to his neighbor’s trash.

Blake seemingly poked fun at everyone he duped by posting a recent tweet which seemed to boast about his scamming abilities.

Unfortunately for Blake, Twitter has little tolerance for thieves.

Looks like it’s time to sit back and just watch this fledgling Twitter thief get ripped to shreds by his angry peers. After all, that’s what happens when you play with fire (and by “fire,” I obviously mean “social media”).

Hopefully we’ve all learned a valuable lesson, here: if you do scam your Twitter followers, it’s probably best not to brag about it.

Also, even if the whole story wasn’t a scam, stealing a printer from your neighbor would still be a dick move.

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