16 Ways To Snap Out Of It When You’re Bored As F*ck

Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean we won’t all become susceptible to boredom at some point or other. While the world may be a hectic mess, our personal lives will occasionally come to a grinding halt where we find ourselves with nothing to do, and nowhere to be. It’s important to relish these moments and (hopefully) savor their rarity.

However, if you find boredom or complacency to be tedious, it’s nice to have a backup plan in place.

Here are a few activities that will help you to endure the tedium of your boredom, and will (hopefully) allow you to turn your lethargic lemons into lemonade:

1. Tackle an adult coloring book.

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Because coloring will always be fun, regardless of your age. Try this delightfully sweary activity book from James Alexander.

2. Organize your bookcase — by your rules.

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Who says you have to organize your books alphabetically? Try putting them in order of genre, or jacket color, or even put them in the “autobiographical order” of when they came into your possession (but only if you want to be a douchebag, like John Cusack in High Fidelity).

3. Create a cute place for your booze.

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While it’s commonplace to haphazardly store your alcohol on top of your fridge, it’s much more satisfying to give your liquor some longterm accommodations. From a DIY bar cart, to a cute cabinet, find a place that will showcase your alcohol rather than treating it as an afterthought.

4. Write actual letters to your friends.

It may seem highly unfashionable to express one’s thoughts and feelings with pen and paper, but putting effort into posting a letter to your nearest and dearest will definitely help combat the boredom blues — especially if you use swanky envelopes and funky pens.

5. Get intricate with your nail art.

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It may seem time-consuming — but isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for when you’re bored? Grab yourself some nail decals and get to work on an impressive homemade manicure.

6. Try an IKEA hack on a piece of cheap furniture.

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If you’re tired with that cheap piece of furniture you own, why not use an IKEA hack to upgrade that sh*t? Usually they’re fairly cheap, and will leave your pad feeling fresh and updated.

7. Feng shui your room.

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Feng shui is much more accessible than most people realize — and it can make a huge difference in how your room looks and feels. Try a beginner’s guide to feng shui in order to update the energy in your home (and rearrange your sh*t).

8. Try a seven-minute workout.

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What better way to combat boredom than burning calories? It’s hard to hate a workout when it comes in such a quick and easy format — and, best of all, you have literally no excuse not to try it.

9. Get hooked on a new podcast series.


Podcasts are a great way to stay entertained and informed while multitasking. If you’re taking time to do the dishes, why not plug in and sample one of the many great podcasts out there — including but not limited to, “Guys We F*cked, The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast.”

10. Start a tiny plant garden on your windowsill.

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Hey, they’re tiny, so if you kill one it’s not the worst thing ever, right?

11. Get into crossword puzzles.


They’re great for your brain, and are a handy way to look busy when you’re standing in the corner at a party. Try the New York Times crossword app to always have access to the best puzzles.

12. Give yourself a full, at home facial treatment.

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Giving yourself a facial doesn’t mean having to whip up a sticky, DIY concoction to spread on your skin — it can easily happen with products you already own. Just follow a handy step-by-step guide to creating your own facial to give yourself the ultimate spa treatment at home.

13. Try deep-conditioning the ends of your hair.

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Unless your hair is incredibly short, it’s probable that the ends of your hair are slightly worse for wear. Try a DIY conditioning treatment to make your mane feel f*cking glorious (bonus: it will probably use ingredients you already have in your refrigerator or pantry).

14. Tackle one of those complicated jigsaw puzzles.


Hey, you’re the one who said you were bored.

15. Deep clean your apartment.

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It’s a lofty undertaking, to be sure — but when you aren’t sure what to do with your time, working through this ambitious checklist will make your home look, smell and feel amazing.

16. Learn how to make some microwave delicacies.

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Because having the ability to make a cake in a mug will always come in handy.

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