Hold Up, A New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Is Officially Upon Us

In case you needed another reason to love the new year, Tuesday officially marked the beginning of Girl Scout Cookie season. And, while you are probably thanking your lucky stars (or ruefully cursing your expanded, post-holiday waistband) for the newfound availability of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and Do-si-dos, you should prepare yourself for the new Girl Scout cookie flavor this season: S’mores.

Which is such a no-brainer flavor, when you consider the fact that the organization literally came up with the recipe for “Some Mores” in 1925. (Is there anything those Girl Scouts can’t do?)

The cookies are meant to celebrate the 100th year of selling Girl Scout Cookies, and the best part is that there are actually two different kinds of S’mores cookies that will be available. The first features a chocolate and marshmallow filling, sandwiched between two graham cracker cookies.

The second is a graham cracker wafer topped with marshmallow and coated entirely in chocolate.

According to staffers at People Magazine (who were lucky enough to sample the new wares before the public), the sandwich cookies have a “strong marshmallow flavor” and would be “perfect for dipping in a glass of milk.” The chocolate-coated cookie is described as having a “very subtle s’mores flavor.”

Since the Girl Scout Cookie season has officially commenced, you won’t have to wait long to try these treats and weigh in with your own taste opinions. Considering you can now locate Girl Scout cookie-selling locations online, or even order cookies digitally, it shouldn’t be too difficult to nab a box of these goodies.

And, of course, once the six-week selling cycle is over, Pilsbury has Girl Scout Cookie mixes, and General Mills has Girl Scout Cookie cereals to tide you over until next season.

After all, if you’re going to blow your New Year’s resolution, it might as well be with a Thin Mint.

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