17 Products That Will Help You Chill TF Out After A Long Day

Now that the holidays have officially come to a close, we’ve been thrown back into the midst of our normal routine and we’re having some serious trouble adjusting. The cold weather makes getting out of bed in the morning a very real struggle and long hours at the office seem more stressful than usual.

We know you’re probably experiencing similar symptoms of back-to-reality syndrome and we want to help in any way possible. That’s why we’ve collected some of the most relaxing, stress-reducing, and cozy products Amazon has to offer and brought them right to your fingertips. Namaste, friends.

1. This set of luscious bath bombs


Get it on Amazon for $23.95

2. A Bath & Body Works stress relief candle


Get it on Amazon for $19.40

3. A soothing dead sea mud mask


Get it on Amazon for $18.95

4. These herbal neck wraps and eye pillow to help you relax after work


Get it on Amazon for $19.95

5. An essential oil diffuser necklace


Get it on Amazon for $12.95

6. Some stress-reducing bath salts


Get it on Amazon for $38.00

7. An ultrasonic rock humidifier


Get it on Amazon for $54.95

8. This Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint lotion


Get it on Amazon for $7.01

9. The ultimate bath pillow for extra long bubble baths


Get it on Amazon for $12.99

10. This handheld needle massage roller


Get it on Amazon for $23.95

11. This premium eye pillow infused with Flaxseed and calming French Lavender


Get it on Amazon for $26.50

12. Some Shea and Aloe-infused socks from Bath & Body Works


Get it on Amazon for $19.99

13. This shampoo scalp massager


Get it on Amazon for $1.99

14. A pair of acupressure slippers for after a long day on your feet


Get it on Amazon for $9.85

15. A bottle of Rosemary Mint bubble bath


Get it on Amazon for $11.95

16. This super soft Sherpa throw for snuggling up with


Get it on Amazon for $39.98

17. A calming nature sounds CD


Get it on Amazon for $13.95 

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