These ‘Live Leaf’ Tattoos Are A Ridiculously Brilliant Form Of Body Art

Be forewarned: if you have any desire to get a tattoo, the following information may just push you over the edge. So, if you find yourself suffering from an unquenchable need for body art, don’t blame me.

This is Rita, an Instagram famous tattoo artist from Ukraine who specializes in floral tattoo art.

Unlike many tattoo artists, Rita practices a type of tattoo artistry which she calls “live leaf” tattoos. This essentially means that Rita presses ink-coated flowers and plant-life into the skin to provide her with an extraordinarily detailed stencil.

Once she peels the dried flower away, she is left with a natural outline, which enables her to achieve highly realistic results when she actually starts the tattoo process.

The results are stunning and highly intricate.

I have never really experienced true tattoo envy before, but I think I’m becoming familiar with the feeling …

fern tattoo and fern stencil with @htozkaya🌿#liveleaftattoo #ferntattoo #fern #tattoo #tattrx #dsfloral #floraltattoo #ritkit #ritkittattoo

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Even large and unwieldy flowers, like the Bird of Paradise, aren’t off-limits for Rita — resulting in huge, gorgeous works of body art.

one of the most interesting and lovely projects during my stay in Milan is strelitzia, or "bird of paradise"☀️I have never seen this flower in Ukraine and I love it soo much. It's a wonderful plant. As usual – no sketches and preparations, only #liveleaftattoo and a little freehand with a steam, cause it's too big 🌾стрелиция или "райская птица", или оранжево-синее существо, которое ну никак не похоже на цветок) я так была рада, когда мне написали насчёт этой работы 🌾#liveleaftattoo #botanicaltattoo #strelitzia #strelitziatattoo #flowertattoo #dsfloral #tattrx #tattooersubmission #ritkit #ritkittattoo

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While Rita seems to travel mostly within Europe, we can all keep our fingers crossed that perhaps she will venture to the states in the near future — or, at the very least, we can hope that more American tattoo artists embrace Rita’s unusual technique.

In the meantime, it definitely couldn’t hurt to save and press any especially awesome plant life you happen to encounter. You never know — you may have the opportunity to turn it into beautiful body art some day.

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